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The Story About Racer Ranvir Singh | He is 9 years old boy

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Ranvir Singh is 9 years old. Father’s name is Prafulla Singh and mother’s name is Kavitha Singh. He has a cute little sister called Maya who is 5years old. He was born in London and presently he is getting home-schooled by his parents.
In the year of 2016, he took part in 15 races and got podiums in 9 of them. In the year of 2017 till date, he has taken part in 9 races and got podiums in 5 of them including 1 international podium in Malaysia.
He was always fond of cars and loved spending time playing with them and racing them against each other. He always keeps telling his parents that he wants to drive cars as he loves them very much. My parents were very supportive and when I was about 5.5 years old, they took me to a go-karting track. that was the first time he drove in a baby kart. On the 1st day of driving, he had a bad crash, was injured and decided to go back home. The staff at the track were sure he would not come back to drive. The next day he woke up and insisted his parents to take him back to the track. Since then he has graduated from his baby kart to 4 stroke karts and now to Rotax(2 stroke karts) which touch speeds of 100 km/hr. He loves speed as and he is happiest when he is driving.
His parents have always encouraged and motivated him to go ahead with his passion. He enjoys watching F1 races and he loves when any racer start from last and reaches within top 5 positions. In October’17 he saw a race where Vettel started last and finished 3rd and on November’17 he saw a race where Hamilton started from the outside and finished 4th. He recalls these races when he goes on the grid. He likes Hamilton as a racer.
The first coach was Rayomand Banajee of Rayo Racing, Mumbai and favorite coach now are Richard Amos/Pramod Ghorpade of BPC Racing, Bangalore.
Lewis Hamilton is favorite because he is a very fast driver and he always ensures a podium finish.He would like to tell kids about his age to tell their parents about their interests and sincerely pursue it.
He is getting home-schooled by his parents. There is a proper schedule which we follow strictly. Due to his races, he has to travel a lot so when he is back home he knows that he has to put in long hours to keep up with the schedule. he tries the best to do that and his parents help him with it.
He has many friends. Aditya is the only Friend with whom he spends a lot of time during his vacations. He also has friends around his society with whom he plays Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho every day. He also has friends in his basketball and athletics class. Initially, friends thought since he doesn’t go to school, he doesn’t do anything at all. However, they all now know that he is a racer and they like him more because he enjoys doing what he loves and he is getting trophies too.
His dream is to become an F1 race driver. As the racing sport is very physically demanding, he needs to keep myself fit and weight in check. For this, he has a daily exercise regime of 1hour which comprises of Pushups, stomach crunches, planks, skipping and jogging. Apart from this, he eats healthy home cooked food which includes vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains and dry fruits every day. He likes chips, burgers, pizza, etc and he eats it during his no racing time.


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