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Reimagining the wireless infrastructure market through easy and cost-effective enterprises

Mumbai 13, 2017: Even as telecom sector continues to expand massively across the globe, with India taking the second position, it is also imperative to improve the telecom infrastructure and connect the unconnected. Innovative solutions, covering both wireline and wireless technologies, are required to bridge this digital divide.

A case in point is Parallel Wireless, which works on technology solutions to help service providers meet the unique challenge of rural expansion. The company presented an innovation, “Parallel Wireless connecting the unconnected in the outback” at the Aegis Graham Bell Award Jury Round under the “Telecom Infra” category. Our technology’s mission is to connect the people previously unconnected in rural areas of the world, including Australia that was once overlooked due to high deployment cost and low ARPU. The integrated solution, which combines RAN hardware from Parallel Wireless for access orchestrated by Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway to provide ease of deployment and self-optimization allows cost-effective and fast deployment of cellular coverage. Parallel Wireless CWS base stations are built using low-cost commodity components and are easy to install, which helps drive down CAPEX.

Hands-free maintenance is enabled by self-optimization and self-healing capabilities of HetNet Gateway RAN orchestrator, thus reducing OPEX. Satellite backhaul is an end-to-end solution that includes state-of-the-art VSAT hubs and terminals and uses patented embedded acceleration techniques built to overcome the inherent latency in satellite communications, which is critical for ensuring the Quality of Services (QoS).

Rajesh Mishra, Founder, President, and CTO, Parallel Wireless, said: “There are 4.4. billion people in the world that are still unconnected. We are proud of our role in enabling rural connectivity and look forward to supporting our mobile operator partners and their customers for many years to come.”

 About Parallel Wireless:

Parallel Wireless is reimagining the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers to deploy any G cellular networks as easy and as cost-effective as enterprise Wi-Fi whether for rural, enterprise, public safety, M2M, Smart Cities, or dense urban. Currently, the company is in production deployment or in trials with major leading operators on six continents. Parallel Wireless’ innovation and excellence in multi-technology virtualized solutions have been recognized with 34 industry awards. For more information, please visit www.parallelwireless. com


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