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Life coach and marathon runner advise about life

Marathon runner and life coach Prasad Patil has a few pieces of advice up his sleeve. He has been coaching people of the age group 13 to 70 besides running and volunteering. He believes in the holistic lifestyle and guides people through to build that kind of lifestyle.

Insights into Prasad Patil’s life
Prasad Patil was an engineer. But soon enough he realized that he has a better understanding of people engineering was never his cup of tea. But he managed to pass through that phase due to his understanding of people. That was the beginning of his wonderful journey as a life coach. He runs for about five to six marathons a year. Apart from that, he maintains a habit of running daily while making sure that he is not running alone, encouraging few more people to run along with him. That’s a true spirit of a mentor.

Journey as a marathon runner
Prasad Patil started as a marathon runner about nine years back and is still continuing to run. His passion for running is what inspires everyone and makes him a great coach. His journey was not easy. He was undergoing a midlife crisis financially, his relationship was weak, he was failing as a parent and also as a human. We all look for a distraction when something doesn’t go right in our life. That’s what Prasad got down with. He got distracted by running. He did not have any coach making his journey even more difficult. One fine morning when he was running he learned that he wasn’t really fit enough to run for 100 meters. That leaves him a wondering about how people run for 21 km. And that piqued his interest in running.

Prasad’s valuable advice
He found his passion that makes him happy and took control of his life handing all his knowledge and experience to the next generation whilst making his current generation healthy. He gives three valuable advices to stay fit. First and foremost he says that fitness doesn’t work in isolation. We need to change some things in life if we want to fit into the fast-growing world around us. We have to be ready to face any challenge that is thrown to us by life.
The people we live with, the society and our association with them is the second thing that matters the most. If we are surrounded by happier people, we would also become a happier and healthier person. Once we start getting the results, our personality changes. We become more happier, polite and kind. The world would seem to be a better place to live in and around.

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