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Indian IT companies establishing firm presence in China

In a first, India’s IT industry has joined hands with Chinese authorities to establish the business, hoping that this platform will help Indian companies to obtain contracts at a time when they are facing contraries in their biggest market, the US.The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has entered into an agreement to establish the online platform which will connect companies from the two countries and provide authorized and set-up support to Indian firms coming to China for the first time.
“This partnership with the government of Dalian will help us create a platform where companies from India and China can co-develop for global markets leveraging their respective strengths in hardware and software,” NASSCOM Senior Director Gagan Sabharwal said at a conference in Dalian on Wednesday.
“We have already talked to 18 Indian companies who are keen on tapping the Chinese market,” Sujit Chatterjee, Co-Founder and Director at Zeta-V Technology Solutions, which is creating the e-platform. “The platform will open the doors of dozens of small and medium-sized Indian companies who do not have the necessary resources and ground knowledge to enter and compete in China,” he said.
Only 17 of the 2200 NASSCOM members have established a presence in China leaving the vast Chinese market largely untouched by the Indian software industry which has been focused on the US and Europe. The few Indian software companies that operate in China usually target the business of multinationals and rarely connect with Chinese firms.
The e-platform expects to help about 25 Indian firms find business openings in China in the first year of its operations. These companies are expected to establish offices with software engineers and marketing staff in Dalian. The platform will grasp requirements of diverse companies in the two countries and match them using Artificial Intelligence.
With its strength in hardware, China is now focusing on Internet of Things that would automate machinery with cyber and data power. This opens vast opportunities for Indian business capable of providing software support and make innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI).
The e-platform will operate out of a sprawling software park called the Best City in Dalian. This is the first online and offline platform to connect and nurture IT businesses of two countries.
“We are committed to creating an ecosystem here with help from the government of Dalian that will make Chinese market an attractive proposition for the Indian companies and this joint initiative of setting up of this collaborative platform is a step in that direction,” Sabharwal said.


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