In conversation with Jignesh Parmar | Founder and CEO of Teleossco Software Private Limited

Jignesh Parmar is a Founder & CEO.1. Company Profile

TeleOSS, the leading provider of SMS Gateway and OTT Gateway, designs and develops Value Added Services (VAS) solutions for SMS and OTT industry. TeleOSS offers a wide range of solutions on a single platform as Messaging Suite. The Messaging Suite is a converged delivery platform for all messaging channels viz. SMS, USSD, MMS, IVR, eMail, eFax. It is a ready to integrate the platform with SMPP, SS7, SIGTRAN, SDP, HTTP protocols and a central control management interface for all business & technology needs. Offers Messaging Solutions for Gateway, Router, Hub, Trivia, M2M, m-Commerce & Business solution platform.

With more than a decade years of experience in developing SMS gateway solutions for wide range of customers from various countries, TeleOSS SMS gateway solution is one of the leading VAS product in the market. SMS aggregators and resellers globally trust TeleOSS’s bulk SMS gateway software solution because of the open architecture and customizable features. The SMS gateway solution is loaded with advanced features required by the bulk SMS marketing industry.

The product portfolio of our parent company also includes DataCrops which is a comprehensive web data extraction platform which helps enterprise and businesses to swiftly import the online information for market research, analysis and analytics. In addition, we are also leading provider of bulk SMS marketing services through our advanced platform of VIBGYORtel. Our range of product and services enable SMS Aggregators, SMS resellers, Telecom Operators and Marketing agencies to gain an edge over the competition and enhance their offerings in the market with the advanced features in our solutions.

We are bound by certain vision, mission, values and strong team structure which helps in delivering the best in class solutions in the market. We design the solution that can be deployed in international telecom networks also. It needs complete knowledge of compliance with each country and telecom norms and regulations which our solutions fully comply.

Our simple vision is to enable SMS aggregators, wholesalers and telecom operators to provide the robust, business-friendly and international standard of the solution. By achieving this goal, we believe that TeleOSS will automatically fulfill its vision of leading player in the international market among all other VAS solution providers.

2. Leadership Profiling
1. Tell us about yourself…

I, Jignesh Parmar, Founder and CEO of Teleossco Software Private Limited, focus on products providing business enablement driven by technology. I believe in building a futuristic vision for the company which results in innovative and unique solution offerings to the customers with the upcoming demands in the market.

With a strong technical background and almost two decades of experience in product development and designing, it is my passion to introduce market demanding solutions that help businesses to overcome the traditional challenges. In the telecom segment, Teleossco is known for the value addition because of the innovative product line and solution platforms that my team has introduced.

I also am the founder of other technology-driven startups and enjoy working with startups and grow products to next level. I have been part and driver of the technology products at the initial level and have seen companies growing from one-two digit to three-four digit in the number of employees.

2. Tell us about your venture, how did you come across the idea?

We aim to deliver the product which is business friendly, with business workflow integrated into it. This helps our clients to run their business having very less involvement at technicality. We want our clients to focus on their business, with complexity set apart.

TeleOSS’s Bulk SMS Gateway solution is one of the most leading software products in the VAS segment. With our strong experience in designing solutions for the SMS aggregators and resellers, we observed the increasing demand for bulk OTT messaging because of the surge in OTT players as well as smartphone devices. Due to the technical and regulatory conditions, SMS Aggregators were facing challenges in sending multimedia messages through SMS.

We have product architecture with a vision to add as many communication media as possible. We found that there exists a demand to have a unified messaging gateway which can support various chat software and OTT messages.

We decided to develop a launch an OTT Gateway solution which can not only integrate with now and future players but also communicates with SMS Gateway as well as Email servers for sharing personalized messages to customers. TeleOSS OTT Gateway is robust enough to work with multiple OTT platforms simultaneously, send emails and SMS on failover and integrate with existing telecom components seamlessly.

3. What inspired you to start the company?

Being in the SMS and OTT industry for a while, we know the in and out of challenges and issues faced by the Aggregators. There are many SaaS-based and open source SMS gateway solutions available in the market. SMS Aggregators choosing SaaS-based models end up paying the high cost for each message and on the other end enterprise customers negotiate for low cost messaging plans. In between the service provider and the enterprise customers, SMS Aggregators struggle for mapping their profit margin. We wanted to support the industry with the right product and solutions that help them in enhancing their business growth.

TeleOSS SMS Gateway and OTT Gateway are product based software solution which can be seamlessly deployed in the existing network. SMS and OTT aggregators can scale up their messaging volume to millions and billions without major rental or additional cost. Aggregators can also enable their enterprise customers to customize and personalize the messages using images, URL, videos, etc., making it more interactive. The software has been designed and developed to integrate and work with other components. Moreover, there is a dedicated development team which can help you customize the solution as per your business requirements.

4. Describe your company in 2–5 words?
Unified Messaging Platform including SMS and OTT

5. Why is now the time for your company to exist?

During the 90’s when the SMS service was started by the telecom operators, the volume of messages grew to a level where it was difficult for the telecom networks to handle them. Because of the inability to manage the SMS volume, operators started offloading the volume to smaller aggregators which gave birth to the SMS aggregator industry.

Similarly, with the increasing number of smart devices in the market, the world is moving towards the digital era where the communication channel will be soon shifted to online messages like OTT platforms.  The market needs a robust and stable solution that can support the increasing number of OTT messages. Having learned from our past experience, we are ready to support and cater the ever-growing demand for bulk WhatsApp, Viber, etc. messages across the globe.
6. Tell us about your team. What do you love about your team?

If we are asked what is the main asset of our company then we would say that Our Team is the only strength and asset of the company which has also shown full dedication and support at each and every phase of the company. We are blessed to have a talented and passionate team that is available at any hour to support client requirements and business. We are a leading SMS and OTT gateway software solution in the market because of the innovative and creative thought process of our team which comes up ideas that can benefit SMS aggregators and customers.

With strong knowledge and experience in product designing as well as development, the never-say-no attitude of our team has enabled several clients to get even the most complicated solutions with the simple approach.

7. If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

If I was not building a company or product then I would be learning something that can enable me to innovate and cater the demand in the market. Business and innovation is not only my passion but religion, I can say.

8. At the moment, how do you measure success?

The number of clients and more traffic routed through our products define the success. A satisfied customer gives us the motivation to provide better solutions. We want to increase traffic routed through our platform with a multi-fold factor across the globe

9. What does your venture offer and to whom?

Teleossco Software is a software product based company that focuses on developing solutions for the SMS Aggregators, OTT Aggregators, Smart Cities and Enterprise customers. We have a wide range of products which includes SMS Gateway, OTT Gateway, SMS Hubbing and Automated Business Solution. We are a global provider and have the successful client base across US, UK, Australia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East. Developed on the open architecture, our solutions are highly scalable, interoperable and customizable as per the business requirements of the customers.

10. What’s most exciting about your venture to date?

TeleOSS OTT Gateway has been well accepted by the industry and clients are highly satisfied with the solution. We have international clients who are looking for additional features and functionalities in our solution which will make it more feature rich and robust. TeleOSS OTT has also been recognized as the “Best Innovative Telecom Product” at the prestigious forum of “8th Annual Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2017” in ‘Innovation in OSS/BSS’ category. We are excited that our innovation is well received and accepted in the market. This boosts our confidence and inspires us to offer unique products to our customers.

11. Where do you think your growth will be next year?

We feel that our growth will be in the Wholesale market of OTT and SMS providers. With the success of OTT Gateway solution as leading player in the market, we are getting many requirements from different regions. We are looking for dedicated partners and resellers by which we can develop our business network and cater the clients locally through partners. Currently, we are targeting to expand our channel network in the Middle East, Africa and the United Kingdom.

12. What’s your biggest threat?

The OTT traffic direction is yet not certain, IOT market is copping up, and the M2M market is catered by only large players. We would like to focus on these markets by working on the entry barriers created by large solution providers.

13. What is your vision for the venture?

We want to become amongst top 10 solutions providers in SMS & OTT Wholesalers, and M2M Solutions. We want our solutions to enable from SMEs to Enterprises to smart cities, from Aggregators to wholesalers to Mobile Operators, from SMS to USSD to OTT, and from mobile devices to intelligent appliances and devices.

The solutions at present available in the market are either open source or developed in-house, which lack advanced international features required to operate business smoothly, we would be keeping on providing premium products in the range.

Our vision is to enable aggregators, telecom operators, enterprises and smart cities to provide the international standard of solutions as per the latest technology. By achieving this goal, we believe that TeleOSS will automatically fulfill its aim of leading player in the international market among all other VAS solution providers.


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