Importance of Mental Health for Today’s Generation:

People, nowadays are concentrating on their physical health more than their minds. They have forgotten the importance of the work done by their minds. Nowadays, we see the majority of the people going to the gym for improving their physical strength and maintaining their health. But, unfortunately, they don’t know how important the working of their brains is. So, exercising our brain is also necessary. But, with smartphones so easily available in the market, has made a very bad impact on today’s generation. It has resulted in people being totally focused on their phones, which has, in turn, caused serious damage not only to various body parts but also mentally. Keeping one’s mental health in check is equally important.

  • What is Mental Health?

It is often said that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. Vice-a-versa is equally true. One’s psychological and emotional well-being is of prime importance. A person with a sound mind shall be able to control his actions rather than letting the external factors drive him. A person’s overall well-being, i.e. his state of health is often driven by his mental health. It enables one to make rational and thoughtful decisions rather than rash ones.

  • How are we destroying our mental abilities?

It does not come as a surprise that electronic devices such as smartphones, television units, laptops and palmtops, and the likes affect us negatively rather than positively. It serves as an addiction which not only difficult to get rid of but also time-consuming and detrimental to health. Moreover, this era of gaming has made us their slaves. Finding someone reading a paperback novel or a printed copy of newspaper has become a rarity. To add to the problem, e-commerce has made has lazy. We are so dependent on social networking sites that a single update from somebody does not go unnoticed. These factors, along with, competitiveness to prove one’s ability in a short span of time has made us mentally weak.

  • Precautions to be taken for Mental Health

The way, we take precautions for physical health like jogging, running, exercising, etc. in the same way, we should also take care of our mental health by practicing Yoga, not putting pressure on our brain, thinking positively, meditating, reducing the usage of cell phones and other electronic gadgets, reading novels, listening music, attending social gatherings and spending some quality time with self. By doing either of these, we can become mentally strong and powerful, which shall also lead to happiness in life. Working hard to achieve one’s goals and dreams is commendable but not at the cost of mental health. It is necessary to maintain work-life balance and enjoy every bit of life that we are gifted with. Do not forget to don the hat of a child once in a while and enjoy life as if you were a child. Most importantly, do not let peer pressure or fear of failure ever affect your mental peace. It harms us more than we know.

You don’t have to have all the resources in the world to be happy. A good company, funds enough to cover your needs and a positive attitude towards every situation in life is a good enough start towards a mentally fulfilling life.

Happy walking!

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