In-Conversation with Rushikesh Kulkarni of Simplicity Creations Technologies Pvt. Ltd

1. Tell us about yourself…

[Rushi]: I am An Entrepreneur by heart, love technology and gaming. I am BE in Computer Science from Pune University. I got placed in Infosys from campus and worked with the organisation for close to 3.5 years before starting Simplicity Creations in 2012. I truly believe that technology plays a really important role in the overall development of any organisation. Organizations which invest wisely in technology, as a general rule, increase their operational maturity faster than their competitors.Founder and CEO at Simplicity Creations I majorly take care of Global Strategy, Marketing, Business Development & Client Management.

I personally love to study User Interface (UI)/ User Experience (UX) of softwares and love to create amazing experiences with the software company develops. Working on new ideas from scratch interests me, and I love to take an idea from inception to reality and customer acquisition.

Recently got recognised for contribution towards Information Technology as a young entrepreneur at the National Youth Convention 2017

Hobbies: Gaming (Online Multiplayer Games), Collecting Coins of different countries, Reading.

2. Tell us about your venture, how did you come across the idea?

[Rushi]: Simplicity Creations is a software product development company. At Simplicity Creations, we provide solutions to your complex problems. We believe in keeping things simple, which reflects in the work we do. We strive to transform concepts to reality. Our solutions and products follow a simple rule, ‘Making Future Simple’. Our expertise lies in finding the right balance between simplicity, efficiency and punctuality with cost-effectiveness.

During college days it was amazing to see even the smallest of softwares perform amazing things. That’s when the idea of starting my own venture to develop softwares came to my mind. I had few product ideas in mind that I wanted to develop. We use to play Counter Strike during college (Multiplayer shooting game) [I was very good at it ;)]. There was a company called Complexity Creations which created gaming videos of players across the world, the name Simplicity Creations is kind of inspired from there.

3. What inspired you to start the company?

[Rushi] : I got my first computer when I was in 7th and fell in love with it, I choose Computer Engineering, not as a tread but because I loved it and I wanted to do something in that field. During college days it was amazing to see even the smallest of softwares perform amazing things. That’s when the idea of starting my own venture came to my mind. Then I got placed in Infosys. Looking at the world Mr. Narayan Murthy had created with Infosys, I was amazed. That inspired me more. He became my Role model and later I started following and reading about Steve Jobs. Still a big fan of Steve Jobs.

4. Describe your company in 2–5 words?

[Rushi]: Innovative, Dynamic and Robust Software Product Company

5. Why is now the time for your company to exist?

[Rushi]: Going Digital is the most important thing today. We help business and corporates go digital. It could be Mobility, Web applications or IoT, we got your back.
It’s really important that businesses who’s core is not IT but need a very strong software support get good companies to help them. Today a lot of people are opening companies with friends and kind of spoiling the eco system by not providing good services. In this Chaos, its very important to stand out and provide a strong software service that people can trust and recommend further.

6. Tell us about your team. What do you love about your team?

[Rushi] : We are a team of Business Analysts, Graphics Designers and Engineers focused to a single goal of building beautiful user experiences and writing quality code. We are a one-stop software development hub participating in each and every step of software development life cycle. The team grew from 2 to 40 in last few years. We are a great mix of experienced yet young and dynamic people. Everyone loves the job they are doing. I love the energy in my team. I love the way each and every individual contributes and take efforts to make sure we deliver the best quality. We are actually a Family and that helps us to support each other unconditionally during tough times.

7. If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

[Rushi] : Probably would be thinking about building one..
I would be gaming, a lot more than what I am doing today. 😉

8. At the moment, how do you measure success?

[Rushi] : I measure success with each successful software deployed and clients feedback. Its really important that people use the software you build and they are happy about it. You should be able to look straight in the eyes of your customer and get that positive response. For me client feedback is really really important.
The second way I measure success is by how many good people I am getting connected with. If you are doing a good job, you get connected to good people almost automatically. That’s like one indirect matrix.

9. What does your venture offer and to whom?

[Rushi] : Our Venture offers Software product development services. We mainly work in three modes.
– Helping our clients develop their ODC (Off Shore Development Centre)
– Providing consultants and developers at a contract billing
– Helping you develop your software at a fixed cost
Have you an idea? We will help you right from the inception – development – deployment and go to market.
Our team can engage in any stage of Software Development Lifecycle to help you out.

To whom – Any business, big or small who needs help with Software Development.

10. What’s most exciting about your venture to date?

[Rushi] : Our software development and leadership capabilities allowed us to develop and be a part of some exciting products.
TORQ – a Global platform for Motorcycling enthusiasts. We have more than 10K + users and growing.
ExhibConnect – A unique system that allows to digitalise entire exhibitions. Saving a lot of cost and time due to complete digitalisation.
Satori – A software platform for students to find jobs (off-campus) and UpSkill their knowledge.

11. Where do you think your growth will be next year?

[Rushi] – We would be growing more in mobility, data analytics and IoT space. We would be expanding and more aggressively targeting business in Australia and US.

12. What’s your biggest threat?

[Rushi] – I think our biggest threat are the software companies of our size who are not doing a quality job. In general, they are a big threat to the entire ecosystem. A Business from outside India looks for a reliable software company that can help them, if they get in connect with an unprofessional firm, it hurts the entire ecosystem and breaks the trust-value chain.

13. What is your vision for the venture?

[Rushi] – I want to create and be associated with amazing products solving real-world problems. Would love to have a chain of products under Simplicity Creations Umbrella. I would like to open up the company for IPO by 2022.


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