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Contact Tracing – Tightening the noose around COVID-19

Axonator’s micro app strategy has come to the rescue of the world in the face of Covid-19 outbreak. The coronavirus is known for its rapid spread unlike any other disease the planet has witnessed since the dawn of mankind. In this article we discuss the Axonator’s approach to solving the perplexing problems posed by the outbreak and why Axonator is uniquely positioned to help solve them in the fastest possible way.

More often than not, the most complex problems have simple solutions. The simplest and the most pragmatic solution to the global pandemic comes in an unexpectedly simplistic way from someone no other than Bill Gates, the philanthropist and the co-founder of Microsoft.

Bill Gates wisely states in a well known white paper: “I think most countries will use the approach which requires interviewing everyone who tests positive and using a database to make sure there is follow-up with all the contacts. The pattern of infections is studied to see where the risk is highest and policy might need to change”.

But one must remember that simple doesn’t translate to easy. The Bill Gates’ solution does make sense for it is quite clear that, speaking broadly, the virus spreads itself in the following two ways:

● Direct Contact: One can get the infection by being within one metre of the infected person, especially if the face is not covered during coughing or sneezing.

● Surface Medium: The droplets survive on surfaces and clothes for many days. Therefore, touching infected surfaces and then touching one’s mouth, nose or eyes can cause the transmission of the disease.

Axonator has come up with a simple solution to make the contact tracing solution completely digital. Now that may not sound very innovative but there is something remarkable about Axonator. This is not an app in the traditional sense, besides the technology itself, it is crucial how rapidly the technology can be put to work. Axonator is the world’s first mobile focused zero-code platform that allows users to rapidly build and deploy mobile apps. In today’s fast paced world where everything moves at astronomical speeds including the problems like the coronavirus, a solution that can build apps at the speed of light is not a luxury but a need of the modern times.

The mind-boggling challenge before the authorities and their supporters is pinpointing a super-spreader and that too extremely fast. This is very crucial and a huge challenge. It has been proven without doubt that ‘Social Distancing’ is the only known solution so far which can slow down the contagion. In fact Social Distancing is the main goal of the ongoing lockdowns. But lockdowns cannot go on forever. Therefore, a mechanism to trace and record contacts fast is very much needed. The app has been engineered from scratch for mobile-first world unlike other platforms which have retrofitted their web products to work on mobile devices especially using the low quality, low performance hybrid mobile app technology. It is quite understandable because mobile became popular in enterprises only lately so these products have to catch up on a short notice. So before we discuss how Axonator helps in containing the spread of the virus we need to understand how the contact tracing method works.

1. Capture data by interviewing persons about how they feel, current symptoms, other existing health conditions and travel history.

2. Capture contact data, which enables the contact’s tree. Resulting in contact tracing in case if the test is positive. 

3. Automatically Assess Symptoms based on a symptom’s matrix. A test would be suggested and sample collection will be done by the public health officials. The results of which will be communicated to a central database.

4. Trace contacts of the positive person automatically through SMS, email or phone call and advise them to get themselves tested.

Axonator’s solution helps execute the above steps by cutting down on the time to build mobile apps to assist the process. It offers a solution that allows not only rapid development but also rapid changes. This is crucial because the mobile app needed differs from place to place based on the local context, culture and language. Every team in the world has a different approach to the contact tracing method.

Additionally, Axonator automatically creates the infections-spread graphs on the maps to visually trace the pandemic and come up with data-oriented decision making regarding measures like tightening the lockdowns in certain geographic areas. Taking quick actions depend on faster decision making.

Here is how the app works. ‘Contact Tracing’ is key to controlling the pandemic. In the public health domain, contact tracing is the process of identifying persons who may have come into contact with an infected person (“contacts”) and subsequent collection of further information about them. By tracing the contacts of infected individuals, testing them for infection, treating them and tracing their contacts in turn, public health systems aim to reduce the spread of the infections in the population.

The key goals of contact tracing app are:

1. Interrupt ongoing transmission and reduce spread of an infection

2. Alert contacts to the possibility of infection and offer preventive counselling

3. To offer diagnosis, counselling and treatment to already infected individuals

4. If the infection is treatable, to help prevent reinfection of the originally infected patient

5. To learn about the epidemiology of a disease in a particular population

At Axonator the key principle is that “one size fits all” doesn’t work anymore in today’s world where innovation is happening rapidly in every nuke and corner of the world. The world needs a solution that accommodates their unique innovation.

Axonator is offering this solution for FREE to the government for its field medical teams. The Axonator team believes it is their contribution to the global response to the COVID-19 crisis. Axonator is currently used in India and the US for tackling such global problems.

History is strewn with examples of simpletons, organisations rising up to challenges in situations like war and pandemics, Axonator has surely created a place in history with this innovative approach to building apps rapidly. What Axonator highlights to the global tech community is the need for tools to rapidly build apps to respond to such emergency situations.

What Axonator has given to the world that is aptly described as: The Evolutionary approach to revolutionary problems.

Easy ways to reach them   India: +91-7038-600-600  USA: +1-407-910-AXON

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