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Challenging times; breeding Innovations

Start of the second quarter in the year 2020, and the whole world is gripped by the Corona pandemic. As the epidemic contagion figures started getting frightening, not only individuals but well-established organisations and established economies have shaken very badly. A thought which is echoing across the world is ‘Lost economies can be rebuilt, lost lives cannot’, ultimately it is about safe guarding the ‘Human Capital’.

Countries like United States (which is currently topping the list), China, Germany with their strong reserves were not spared. Death tolls mounting everyday. Critical stories from China, Italy and Spain emerging. Thanks to technology, countries which were still at the starting point of the curve, had enough data on hand to take quick decisions in slowing the spread.

India was not far behind in understanding the seriousness of this situation. International travel was banned (incoming & outgoing) mid-march, testing zones and checking of passengers at airports was immediately implemented. India and countries from the whole world were short of PPE, ventilators and all necessary equipment for testing and caring for patients. But a virus being a virus, it did slip out and lateral transmission began. India currently at 26,496 positive cases and 825 deaths (as of 26th April 2020) is still considered to be in a fairly better position. But considering the socio-economic demographics of 130 billion people the estimates are absolutely scary.

Corona virus impacts the respiratory system, sometimes with fatally. The first priority need was of ventilators. A ventilator is a machine that moves breathable air into and out of the lungs, for patients who are unable to or breathing insufficiently. India had options to either import them at a huge cost or to build them indigenously. Obviously it was a task to rev up indigenous production. 

Understanding the situation, a lot of engineering firms and institutions rose up to the challenge. Car makers like Mahindra Group, Maruti Udyog, RPG group; Indian Institute of Science, IIT’s, the all took up the challenge head on. Not only the big fish but many start-ups also stepped up.

Just like Griffyn Robotech.

Griffyn Robotech, is a start-up headquartered in Pune with sales offices in USA and UK. Griffyn works in the area of IIOT with a hardware gateway, visual Inspection, Robotics & AI. Griffyn understood the need of the nation and pulled up its socks. Mr. Amit Mahajan, Founder & CEO, Griffyn Robotech took a quick decision and promptly called for a WebEx meeting with his team and partners. They decided to build an AI enabled, affordable, remotely controllable ventilator. The result is ‘SHWAAS’ an Ambu-bag, AI based specialized ventilation device to treat patients with respiratory illnesses during emergencies and mass casualties. It will work as an alternative for manual ventilation. Built using the cost-effective technique of 3D printing, the SHWAAS ventilators will soon be released in the market.

Amit Mahajan says “We are working together with our partners to ensure manufacturing and steady supply of ventilators in India. As a socially responsible and caring brand, we are committed to serving society in every way possible.”

But it is said an engineer is not an engineer if he does not keep innovating, enhancing and developing. Likewise, Griffyn Robotech is not the one to stay put. They are already working on collaborating with other start-ups to create add on’s to the SHWAAS platform. They are also developing an API and an extendable platform which will assist in incorporating new features.

The Public Health Research Organisation, based in Washington and New Delhi, estimates India will need as many as 1 million ventilators to address the peak of coronavirus cases. A huge number by any means. But it seems, India will be able to face the challenge, with companies like Griffyn Robotech under its wings. Let’s hope the pandemic subsides soon!

Griffyn Robotech was recently seen in the News with the launch of their prototype of the ventilator

In Sakal Times – A leading News Daily in Pune. Press Release was issued on the wire – Pune-based Griffyn Robotech will Manufacture and Supply Mass Ventilators to the Government of India, resulting in coverages in over 88 publication across India (India TodayBusiness TodayBusiness FortnightThe SMEReporters Today USA (TMCnetOneNewsMobility TechZoneBioTech GateAMA Alliance & UK (The Chain Magazine).

A regional Print also appeared in Marathi Language.

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