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An Indian with super fitness prowess

With the high competition in the sports field, it has now become a not so new, yet a great way to keep ourselves fit and going in todays world. Through sports one can maintain not only their physical state but also their mental state, thus providing a great stamina. Proving the same Mahendra Gokhale, a well-known strength and conditioning coach from the Australian sports commission has taken the initiative to train and develop people, right from the beginning.

Insights into Mahendra Gokhale’s life
Mahendra Gokhale is the only Indian to have cracked the ASCA which is a renowned Australian Commission for sports and is now currently developing the sporting skills among kids from the age of 4 and above. He is currently the fitness trainer for the very famous ipl team in India, the Mumbai Indians.
Apart from that, he has given training in states namely Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. He has a great part in Pro kabbadi league training, Indian satellite tennis team and what not. He plans to take this a step forward by introducing fitness training in all schools of Maharashtra. He started fitness training around 20 years ago.

Sports an universal affair
We are currently in a generation where everything gets done in just one click or say virtually and effortlessly and this leaves us lethargic. Active participation is sports and fitness regimes is what that can help, but today the sports have a confinement built around and people assume it to be for the ones interested in it. Stressing on the fact Gokhale creates awareness that sports is universal contest and is not confined to a specific group of people. Sports is what builds our character, appearance, and boosts our confidence. So whether or not we like it, every person needs to choose a sport to stay fit.

Sports in schools
Sports plays a very important role in students life. He intends to bring in sports training all over Maharashtra. And the schools which are not really having any proper infrastructure will have some other in the class training. This kind of training will involve the students playing some games or activities while being seated in their places, which will give them the physical exercise that you get from playing in an actual playground.

The rules of fitness
He stresses on the fact that we generally tend to forget that we have a body to take care of. We need to focus more on ourselves and exercise. The second point being the nutrition, we never know what to eat and what effect that will have on our body. We need to educate ourselves with what to eat and not to eat.the third most important thing that people who are working need to find a way to keep themselves fit. These three points if followed will help us lead a healthier and balanced life.

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