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Ahaan Ghosh , 9 , Pune

Ahaan is a 9 year old, grade 4 student of Rabindranath Tagore School of Excellence , Pune. He is an avid reader and loves to spend time reading a variety of books. Mysteries are his favourite at this moment. He loves to make comics & write stories. His favourite sport is badminton and he plays it well. Cars is his other passion and he knows almost everything about most of the cars which are sold in India. He aspires to be an automobile engineer and an author alongside. He can be followed on his Instagram page creative_ahaan.


I get up on a Monday morning , finish my morning activities and I am ready to go to school . I press a button next to my bed & I am now teleported to school in a full electronic robot suit. I check the time on electronic glasses (comes in the suit). Uh-oh, it’s 8:30 and class starts in 15 minutes. Fortunately, I can just teleport to class, but I want to stop at the vending machines and get some candy first. I send the money to the machines first. “Payment successful.” I press a button on my suit to get teleported to the vending machines. In front of the machines are my friends who have got sandwiches from the school mall. I receive my candy and go to them. They are thinking of an experiment. The experiment is to get into the T.V. screen and jump out into class! Good idea! I convinced them that I’ll do it first. I got into the T.V. by a portal made from my suit. Inside the screen, I realised that I was only 8 centimetres tall! I messaged my friends, telling  them to come. They all came 1 by 1. Soon, we were all inside the screen. When we jumped out ,we got a terrible shock! We were stuck at 8 centimetre height! Luckily, the science lab had a growing machine and the batteries were refilled this morning. A friend who wasn’t in the experiment , thus, not 8 cm tall, went and got the machine. Soon, we all were at regular sizes. Just then, the class started. The 1st subject was mathematics. We’re learning a very hard unit about “Mental,. 3-digit division.” There was a button at the front of class which said “DOUBTS.”I aimed my wrist-beam and shot a laser. It hit the button at the bull’s eye! The teacher came over and I asked my question and the answer was fed into my brain memory disc forever.

Next class started very, very soon. It was music class. There was a song we needed to play. Some of the children needed to play an instrument, others needed to sing. Most of us (including me) decided to play instruments, but there weren’t that many instruments so children like me used our electronic music players. We played a song called “Walking the wire.” It sounded exactly as if it was coming from the live band! Then we had “Short break(Short break means morning snack).” I ate a few potted meat sandwiches and the chocolate croissant from the vending machine.

Next subject is computers. Everybody is really good. Me and my friends are better than the teacher. The teacher knows that, so most classes are just free for all to discover and invent. Today I was just playing video games and rechargeing in my suit. Next and last period was sports. In the game of football my team won. Next was lunch. For lunch, I had a whole single capsule of chicken & turkey flavoured sandwich. My dessert was a delicious never melting ice cream from the company “I scream.” After that we went to the hall and teleported home.

Oh! another wonderful day at the school comes to an end. I love my school and I love being a child in the year 2030

The end.

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