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A step towards a friendly and safe neighborhood

Aristotle said some decades back that “Man is a social animal” and since then, we as the human race have realized its importance time and again! A man cannot exist in isolation and the biggest example of this is the invention of social media and other various social platforms and groups! As a digital marketer, I have always been exposed to this need of people to form bonds of association and belongingness!
This is exactly what this new app on the bloc has in store for us! Nebory is special in its own sense! No other social app on the current platforms offers this type of opportunity of association and connection! Nebory is aimed at connecting people with their immediate social circle – the neighbors! A belief that our surrounding society has a profound impact on shaping who we are as a person is what makes this app stand out!

Nebory mobile app has 5 main benefits that give it a unique identity!

•  Opportunity to be updated about every happening thing around in your neighborhood through curated local news! 
•  You can ask for the opinions of your neighbors without going door-to-door!
•  Seek help for things like hiring a maid, plumber or even a talented tutor for your kids!
• Showcase your talent by organizing events in and around the neighborhood
•  Be the influencer and share your ideas and concepts with the neighbors!

There is a common phenomenon that the social media has connected people through devices but distanced them from hearts, well; Nebory is built on real connections! It strongly bases the growth and successes on the real connection between the people and works tirelessly to facilitate this unity through its mobile app!
All one needs to do is download the app from play store, register yourself and once your registration is verified, you are free to explore, connect and build with people around you!

More information is available on their website:

—-Manjula Nairr

   (CEO and Founder- A Buzz Company)

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