A Post Covid-19 Visitor Management Solution

The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen tectonic shifts in fundamentals and change in ethos towards how workplaces are to be perceived. Drastic measures are being thought off and plans being laid out to prevent any slight chance of a relapse once life comes back to normal. Employee safety and wellbeing is gathering the topmost priority for the FM, HR functions alike. While the Covid19 may resolve soon, the psychological impact is here to stay. Minimal contact may become the most preferred way to engage. So how do we do it in a physical setup? In every realm of workspace up, how do we bring in the sense of safety in the organization?

While best practices are being drafted, innovative and effective solutions are being looked up to cater to the new normal. Contactless or Touch-free engagements are going to capture the upcoming market due to obvious reasons. Technology can aid such initiatives but at the same time has to downfall of being expensive. Given the challenge to find the golden median of an inexpensive technology that help achieve contactless premises entry, assistD – VMS fits the bill perfectly.

Why the need of a touch-free Visitor Management System (VMS)

  • VMS is a core part of the business infrastructure. 
  • Traditionally visitor management was achieved using a common register for visitor entries/exit. 
  • As technology advanced dedicated iPad’s, Tabs were introduced to capture visitor details. 
  • Both the above methods attract common touch points and post Covid-19 pandemic the visitor management needs to be relooked at. 
  • Is a Touch-free VMS possible?

assistD VMS – Touch-free VMS

  • Leveraging assistD workplace platform capabilities, a contactless VMS solution has been spun off. 
  • assistD VMS uses a simple QR code as its heartbeat. 
  • 3 step process
    • Visitor scans QR code
    • Types relevant information
    • Submits the entry form from his/her own smart phone

What is different? – A 100% contactless visitor engagement.

  • No tablets, iPad’s or electronic gadgets required. 
  • Old school register-based entry is eliminated. 
  • Visitor need not download any mobile application. The QR code can be scanned using inbuilt camera or embedded google lens.

Benefits of assistD Touch-free VMS

  • Customized Entry Form
  • Instant alerts to host via SMS/Email
  • No integration required with business/client systems
  • Realtime visitor dashboard
  • No investment nor dependency on any hardware
  • Works with all smartphones carried by visitor
  • Faster deployment and Go-live

assistD – QR Code Aided Realtime Visitor Management Platform is the enabler towards achieving this post Covid work-space. Say hello at assistd@sigmapeiron.com to know more!

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