A Doctor with a social activist side

Women face many problems in their life. Many women today face the problems of Breast cancer, cervical cancer as they go unnoticed for a long time. We don’t find the need to keep ourselves in a constant check, take precautions to avoid dangerous diseases. Spreading awareness with few instances Dr. Anupama Mane sheds some light on the various health issues and problems faced by women today.

Insights into Dr. Anupama Mane’s life
Dr. Anupama has an MBBS and MS degree in General surgeon and is a specialist in breast surgery. She has around 20 years of experience in her specialty. She has been trained in many institutes in Mumbai, Germany etc. Dr. Anupama is not only a surgeon but is also a social activist who helps people in spreading awareness and extend her help, specifically women in her field of expertise which is commendable. She has started an NGO to spread awareness about the breast cancer which will help a lot of people in terms of understanding what are they dealing with.

Unforgettable experience
In her career life as a doctor, she has a lot of experiences she could learn and grow from but there’s one such unforgettable experience she had about with a 30-year-old lady who was soon getting married. The lady was a fitness freak and maintained very healthy diet. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was very much in shock and was in denial how could something like this happen to a person who is so fit like her. She was not cooperative to any therapy as she was worried about her upcoming wedding and how her husband would react to it, so on and so forth. Later, after a good consultation, she agreed for chemotherapy. The best part about this experience Anupama shares that her patient got married with no hair on her best day and she was looking stunning in her wedding dress. She was very brave and was very cool about the fact that she has cancer and she is undergoing treatment for the same. This gesture was very beautiful and overwhelming for Anupama.

Healthy lifestyle is the key for a balanced life Being healthy and active is the main key to remain healthy for anyone in today’s stressful life. We deal with a lot of things in a day to day routine which make us tired and worn out which leads to lots of health issues. Following a good diet, avoiding processed food, sticking a proper diet and weight plan, work out plan and good amount of sleep is all we need to maintain our healthy top form and avoid such life-threatening diseases.

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