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Winners of the Scratch Coding Contest

WondrYears launched Scratch Coding Contest on the 21st of April on its Instagram and Facebook pages (Wondr_Years).

We got a lot of entries and in-fact we had to extend the last date of the contest to accommodate all the entries. Skillovate Learning collaborated with us on this contest and their founder Satyam Baranwal graciously agreed to judge the contest for WondrYears

We had one winner each for the age category 8-11 and 12-15 and believe me it was one tough decision to make in each category

Let’s meet our winners

Age Category 8-11

Winner: Aahaan Jain

City : Pune

About the Coder : Aahaan is 8 years old and studying in Elpro International School. He loves reading and doing all kinds of art. He was always interested in watching animation and playing digital games however his interest to code these increased when he joined a coding course with Geetanjali Maam (teacher ) and he has been continuously learning and developing code since then.He also enjoys watching movies, skating and playing with his friends.

Let’s see what the judges have to say about Aahaan’s creation

“Aahaan made an Animation Story . He made use of different characters as well as a backdrop. The best and most original thing was he recorded his own voice as a narrator. It was the most original coding creation.”

Age Category 12-15

Winner: Shubam Rachappanavar

City Pune

About the Coder: Shubam is in 7th grade at PICT Model School. His hobbies include reading books , news paper and exploring new things on technology. He attended scratch training from Skillovet and found the course and mentor very nice. He enjoyed learning and coding. When he heard about the competition he thought of building some game which should be interesting and fun to play. So he came up with hit the ball game.

Let’s see what the judges have to say about Shubam’s creation

“Shubam created a game. It is a very interactive and tough game. He made game with input from user, counter, real time changes in the game provided information on how to play the game. It is difficult to believe that a 12 year old can make such a complex game.”

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