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Things to remember when starting your own Start Up

It should be noted that sometimes even a person who has been a spectacular employee, performing well in all key metrics, may not be the best of the employer. In fact, the skill sets required are very different from each other. Once you have made the switch to an employer it is important to remember a few key points.

      1.Employee Mindset Vs. Employer Attitude

There is no one else accountable for the direction your company takes. The employer needs to find the best way to motivate people in the organization. No two people are the same, so it would take different actions to motivate different people. If you cannot find the right methods to motivate your employees, that also falls squarely on your shoulders. Being an employer puts you out of your comfort zone and the issues that you must deal with, very often you are not prepared to deal with.

  1. The Cost of Time and Opportunity Are Irretrievable

Chances last for a limited period. When we startup, often opportunities are fleeting and inconsistent, depending a lot on the startup company to take on much more than they are probably capable of. If you do not grab the break when it does exist, the same opportunity may not exist when you think you are ready. In the first three years, performing way above capability is a norm that all successful startups follow. Usually, we learn by just jumping in the deep and figuring out how to swim!

  1. Don’t Let Your Belief Fog Your Assumption

Being responsive to market trends is more important when we start up because that allows us to twist our model according to our markets. This is what allows companies to swivel their business models and strategies based on the data that they gather from their marketing activities. The quicker you can identify what is working and what isn’t, the quicker you will be able to find a stable business model.

  1. Be Creative in Your Thinking

What may have been the standard of yesteryears is already outdated. With the coming of the fourth industrial revolution, we have a real chance to reimagine the future. It’s important that we stay on top of the latest technological trends and see how best to include them to make processes easier in the organization.

  1. Passion and Unshakeable Belief

It’s important even during the tough times, which are way more common than the good times, to maintain a positive attitude and optimistic mindset towards things. Maintaining a perspective that is optimistic but grounded in data and logic helps focus on the right way forward.


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