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A technological platform for Big Data Analytics

Lymbyc A technological platform for Big Data Analytics

A technological platform for Big Data Analytics

Mumbai 17, 2017: Data Science has become a buzzword these days as it’s an emerging field. But still, we have a shortage in the number of the data scientist in India. There are many institutes coming up with courses in data science to improve the number. Many industries are revolutionizing solutions and projects in the field of data science.

Lymbyc has presented a unique innovation “MetaFore – Your Virtual data scientist” at the Aegis Graham Bell Award Jury Round under the “Data Science” category. MetaFore – “Your virtual data scientist – harnesses the power of data and insights practices, working across all your data structures, and enabling your organization to undertake insight discovery through a natural language interface. MetaFore allows for analytics consumption without the analytics jargon, an easy to use communication-based interface, a platform based approach for big data ingestion and an ML approach in building advanced models that learn as more users interact with it and as new fresh data rolls in.

“It is great to be at the Aegis data science event because in a space that is starved for fora to learn, share and win recognition at the Aegis Graham Bell Award event is particularly great because of the quality of innovators that come here and the level and quality of engagement that is frankly well ahead of its peers” – Mr Satyakam Mohanty, Founder & Chief Light Bulb, Lymbyc.

About Lymbyc:

Lymbyc is a leading edge innovator in advanced analytics solutions serving varied clients across India, US, Singapore and in the Middle East.


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