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Shefali Nagdev

Women Entrepreneurs: Shefali Nagdev Interview​

1. Tell us about yourself and your venture

At 42, I was desperately in search of a more fulfilling career path when I stumbled upon freelancing sites and discovered freelancers working on animated videos. Being creative my whole life, I found my calling! That’s when I started creating explainer videos and revamped my business : http://www.shefalinagdev.com/. Eventually, it grew to having my own team of freelancers.  Being a team of freelancers reduces the commercial expenses of the company which directly benefits the clients. I personally handle everything from concept to completion!

2. What does it take to be a women entrepreneur?

As women, we need to manage work and family life. A great deal of time management and organizational skills come in handy for sure!

3. What have been your accomplishments as an entrepreneur?

Most of my clients come through word of mouth and referrals. We have made 800+ animated videos for over 500+ amazing clients, we have been growing organically. My biggest accomplishment as an entrepreneur has been about the quality of work that we provide. This solely helped us to connect with incredible clients even without doing any paid campaigns!

You can check out my work on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shefalinagdev. 

4. What were the challenges when you set out to establish your entrepreneurial venture?

I started as a sole freelancer. A major challenge in the animation industry was that the cost for explainer videos was on the higher end. India was booming in startups who couldn’t afford those videos which is why I wanted to get the cost down.  That’s why I started working with a team of freelancers and this directly benefitted the clients by greatly reducing the cost!

5. Please throw light on the challenges that you faced in your journey.

I would term my journey as a rather unconventional one! When people start settling in life, I started my career. I worked for an offline job for 7 years, took a year off at 36 to learn SEO and other skills then worked with that for 5 years!

Still, I craved a creative outlet and at 42 started exploring animation. Overcoming the norms set by society for a woman was the biggest hurdle to cross for me at that time! 

6. Is there any hardships or challenges that you feel are more for women entrepreneurs than their counterparts?

Gaining the trust of the companies is a real challenge for women freelancers compared to their male counterparts. Sometimes companies feel that as women we are not able to take up a role and deliver the best results. Building a strong portfolio over a period of time helped me overcome this hurdle. 

7. Whom do you consider as your role model and why?

Ms. Jaswinder Gill. She was the national manager in my first company and the person I looked up to. Under her guidance, I became organized, learned the value of patience and client handling! 

8. What opportunities does globalized world throw to women entrepreneurs? Are they making use of these opportunities?

There is no doubt the globalized world has created a plethora of job opportunities for women. They are getting inspired by other women when they are breaking the glass ceilings. Many women are making use of those opportunities and rest will eventually follow!

9. What according to you are the requisite qualifications to become women entrepreneurs?

You have to just have the drive and will to succeed at any cost!  If you are working hard I feel there will be opportunities for you!

10. How do you strike a balance between home and career?

Being a freelancer people feel that it’s easy to maintain a work-life balance. But the major problem I feel is that the line where the work ends and family begins gets a little blurry at times!

11. What would you like to say to the budding women entrepreneurs or those who want to become entrepreneurs?

Don’t lose hope! It takes a few years to get your feet planted in any industry. If you believe in what you are doing then no one will ever be able to stop you. We, as women, need to support each other and building each other up should always be a goal as a women entrepreneur!

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