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PrasNira Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Company Profiling Interview - PrasNira Healthcare Pvt Ltd

1. Tell us about the company and what it does

PrasNira Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a healthcare organisation focusing on bringing innovative solutions for society to prevent and manage public health concerns. PrasNira Healthcare is committed to improvise quality of life of people.

Our dedicated brains with huge experience in healthcare industry are continuously working to bring innovative products which will cater the current and future health need of society.

First Product in Market:

Name: FlouriShots 365- Anti Air Pollutions Shots

FlouriShots 365 is Vitamin Nutritional supplement (30 Shots/pack) which is composed of vital vitamins like Folic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12

Flourishots 365 helps to manage air pollution effects.


2. What will the company look like in a year? From any and all perspectives - product, people, team, revenue?

PrasNira Healthcare Pvt Ltd will be one of its kind healthcare companies in India which will care for society for various public health concerns (like first touched pain point is air pollution) with revenue of not less than 10 Cr and with highly competent team. FlouriShots 365 later will be re launched considering various segments for children, women and elderly. Eventually other innovative health products will be launched which are in R&D currently.

3. What is your vision for the company? Did the vision go through changes from the time company was conceptualized.

To become a leading novel healthcare organisation in Globe.

Our Vision is same since conceptulisation.

4. What measures have taken to accomplish in your first 90-120 days to be a success and have an impact?

We have analyzed some future risks on prior basis and taken actions accordingly, We have undertaken some pilot marketing projects to understand the response of the market so it helped us to decide future strategies. We have done extensive market research of the product before marketing.

5. What is the Biggest Risk to the Company?

Entry of competitors is the only threat to us.

6. What’s the Current Runway, and What Are Future Funding Plans?

We are with 18 months runway which is much motivational for a startup. Future funding plans are soon in next 6 months.

7. What were the obstacles you came across while starting up the company, and what did you learn from it?

Major obstacle which we faced is sufficient capital funding and we learnt many things from it and we are planning the future business strategy accordingly.

8. Share at least 2 success stories of your company

Sharing two success stories is very early for us. However we would like to highlight that since launch of product from last 2 months various agencies, retail chains, NGOs, government corporations have shown the interest and discussions are in progress for bulk orders. We have been appreciated for understanding the need of society to maintain their health from air pollution impact on health. The price of only Rs 199/30 days pack is well accepted by low to middle income groups.

9. How big is your team, and how big do you want it to be in a year?

Currently we are 8 people working on projects and our plan is make a team of 50 people in years span.

10. In todays time where economy world-wide is going through a slow down, What’s the biggest factor according to you slowing the growth?

One of the main concerns for the current economic slowdown is a sharp fall in consumer demand as witnessed by most major firms. India is still a rural-centric economy, the proof of which was witnessed this time.

11. Who do you see as your biggest competitor?

Healthcare Market is so flexible and growing fast day by day with innovative products, so according to me any healthcare company can become competitor.

12. Awards company has won

We have not got any awards however seeing response from various corners soon we will have couple of them in our bucket.

13. Has the company ever received funding or expecting any funding, tell us about it.

We are self funded currently and discussions are ongoing with investor to receive funds in next few months for pan India launch of product.

14. What are the ‘Great Place to work’ Initiatives that you run within the company?

PrasNira’s culture is to maintain a friendly, motivational and energetic office atmosphere for employees. From management to junior staff all are well connected. Each employee is a pillar of our organization and company values each employee’s comment towards organizations development. We are planning to run various initiatives in future to become Great place to work organization.

15. Does the organization involve in CSR, share what ever you have done in this space

Currently We are not involved in CSR Activity, however in future we are planning to involve various social responsibilities activities.




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