StrataWeb® Solved Slope Erosion Problem at a Reservoir

MUMBAI, May 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

Strata is constantly trying to solve infrastructure challenges in creative ways by providing innovative, technical and environmentally friendly solutions.

In one of Strata’s recent projects, the company was awarded the task to enhance a reservoir and provide a durable solution for maintaining the reservoir going forward. The steep slope of the reservoir was close to the road, which supported heavy traffic. While executing the project, it was crucial to eliminate any erosion from the top of the road’s crest. In addition, the curvature of the slope provided some additional challenges.

One approach to tackle this challenge would be to manually place a 300mm thick layer of dry stone. That job requires skilled labour. This is also an expensive solution due to the specialized labor and the amount of time required to properly prepare and conduct the installation. It would have also required RCC bend to take the weight of the stone along the sloping face, which is an added cost for the project.

The faster-to-install solution involved geocell slope protection, which did not require any specialized labor. StrataWeb ® SW660 x 125 was selected and infilled with concrete over a geomembrane. StrataWeb® variety was supplied in 12.63m panels, which conformed easily to the 12m slope, thus preventing any need for additional connections.

This StrataWeb® slope protection solution offered:

– Efficient installation using unskilled labor

– 20% of transportation cost savings due to the geocell system loading and handling practice

– Reservoir’s scenic view was preserved without any obstruction

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About Strata 

Strata is a global leader in geotechnical product and engineering solutions. With fully integrated design, supply and construction capabilities, Strata provides solutions to complex soil reinforcement and stabilization challenges. Strata’s line of geosynthetic products are matched by world-class engineering support and geotechnical expertise.

Strata’s products, including the industry-leading StrataGrid™ (geogrid) and StrataWeb® (geocell) lines, are ISO certified, hold CE markings, and are tested in GAI-LAP accredited labs across the US, UK, and India. As a member of the International Geotechnical Society (IGS), Strata proudly promotes the advancement of geosynthetics.

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