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Summary: A dedicated e-publication, Creative Bharat is lending support to the startups and SMEs to stand-out.

Creative Bharat understands the importance of public relations for a startup in any domain and thus is bringing an opportunity to leverage the public relations to positively influence audiences.

Public Relations the “Make and Break” factor of businesses.

The SMEs stands as vital ingredient in healthy market economy. The SMEs are important aspect of contribution and strengthening reforms. An SME cannot stand out unless it has the good public relations. The Public relations are a “make-or-break” factor for a startup.


The most followed entrepreneur and role model for budding entrepreneurs, Bill Gates states “If I was down to last dollar, I would spend it on Public relations”. He finds PR for an SME as important as skills in an individual looking for a job.


Public relations are about finding out ways to interact with people and let them know about your services, achievements, and networks. The Public Relations is a smart marketing way that enables the entrepreneurs to share their experiences and stories with the audience in order to portray how genuine and authentic the business and brand is, which helps in bringing in the good visibility, potential customers and sales.


A prominent personality of recommending your brand out of his experience is what called as influencing and is another way of getting in the audience under your belt. Public relation targets are like bow and arrow which when aimed right can win a startup huge audience base and a tie-up with renowned e-publications, Creative Bharat will help the startups and SMEs find their way out to stand out.

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Creative Bharat, a reliable e-publication for new-to-market entrepreneurs!

Creative Bharat believes in the growth of SME will substantially contribute in the market economy and Public Relations is the key aspect in the growth of SMEs and startup and thus the Creative Bharat proffers you the best endeavors for all businesses to have a good visibility and increased number of audience under their brand’s belt.


The CEO and Founder of Creative Bharat, Manjula Nair talks about her recent experience in FITACON event and states “It was a pleasant experience in interviewing the delegates from different parts of the health and fitness industry. I was glad to listen to the stories of the entrepreneurs, doctors, and other professionals who attended the event”. She further explained the benefits of tying up with Creative Bharat, “We get your interviews featured on our website so that people can hear you and know you and your brand as well, we let you share your experiences in the form of press releases, announcements and notes, we also provide you the banner space for corporate ads, recruitment ads and events etc.,”.


Creative Bharat provides all public relation services pre-eminently to let the SMEs and startups flare up in the market at just Rs.500/- per month. The service is about the audiences knowing about SMEs, startups and their brands through various means like videos, ads, press releases, etc., To know more about Creative Bharat and their services visit

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