Niranjan Andhalkar – PrasNira Healthcare Pvt Ltd

1. Tell us about yourself, your qualification and prior work experience

A versatile person and founder of PrasNira Healthcare Pvt Ltd, ProRelix Research & ProRelix Education. He is highly enthusiastic in applying and communicating new concepts, developing new strategies and delivering assignments on time.

With several years of experience and strong sense in business development and healthcare he is handling current and future tracks with detailed awareness of industry resources. His interpersonal relationship skills, team management and presentation skills are making PrasNira a prompt, reliable and ethical company in healthcare.

Specialties: Designing & Implementing business growth strategies, Strategic partnerships/ collaborations, Identifying and developing new markets & business opportunities etc. He is on board of various Indian Journals.

2. What was your first step to make your dream come true?

I was aware the entrepreneurship will not be easy. However I had always believed on as long as you give your best and put efforts persistently the fruits will show up. Initial years were not very favorable. What I can message is the patience and continuous efforts without distraction are the keys to success.

3. Where did the idea of your venture originated from?

Being a country of billion populations we lack in healthcare facilities. There is an ocean of opportunities in this industry. We wanted to be an icon by solving various health issues of our country. Having this thought in mind we got attracted to the increasing air pollution danger to our society’s health. There we started finding the solution to manage the air pollution effects on human health and come up with innovative product “FlouriShots 365- An Anti Air Pollution Shots”.

4. Share incidents of people who did not valuing the idea in the start

This happens in everyone’s case. When you start flowing opposite the obstacles will be there. This happened with us as we shared idea with couple of people few were in favour and few not. However the feedbacks we received from people who did not value helped us to find the loopholes in idea. This gave us an opportunity to correct them and strengthen product positioning so far.

5. Why did you still believed in it?

We believed in this concept as we always looked the need from society’s point of view. We seen the concept from third party perspective and kept our concept to accept negative to positive all level of feedbacks.

6. What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

Toughest decision is the reducing your family time and concentrating on the idea to succeed. This is what I believe the scariest decision an entrepreneur chooses and we did as well.

7. Tell me about a time when you had to slog your way through a ton of work. How did you get through it?

We had a scenario to finish up all marketing material along with manufacturing to be done in one month. We experienced the team work gives a boost to meet deadlines and creates a motivational atmosphere for this.

8. Describe a time you felt you were right but you still had to follow directions or guidelines.

Our nature of evaluating and validating our idea from different background people helped us to understand the loopholes of product. We were sure about its success however these opinions kept us on right track.

9. What other new business would you love to start after success of current business?

We will be entering into inventing new medicines to tackle emerging diseases and infections of new era. Looking forward to establish world class R&D lab for it.

10. Share failures in the journey & what did you feel at that point of time

PrasNira is my third successful venture. To reach here I had seen 3 other business failures. However I have always believed on Next and Better. Each this failure polished me well to give better version of me next time.

11. Did your approach and vision change due to the failure

My vision has always been remained constant. It has been to start which will 100% utilize my skills and produce idea for which I will not be tired to work day and night.

12. How did you raise your funds in the start and how was the journey after that

All startups were self funded initially. I never chased investors immediately until I make that start up self sustainable. What I think is if you are hesitating to put your own money in your startup then you can’t expect investors to put their money.

13. What is the eligible time to raise funds or grow organically

Fund raise time depends on idea should be well validated and generating some revenue which can justify big scale up. Also your startup should be self sustainable and having projection of speedy growth.

14. How should one enable the process of pitching to get funded

You should be highly skilled to attract investor attention. There must be enthusiasm within you and your startup to give much confidence to your investor while pitching. Also always check on investors who have interest in your industry instead random approaches.

15. What is the meaning of People or people who work for u in ur life.

My team is my first preference to devote my time for. Team work is highly essential for any organization’s success. Ford once said if you only give me a potential team I can build the company again from zero. This I believe as well.

16. How do you define your clients

Clients always evaluate the vendor for best quality at best price. For us we serve each client from the repeat business perspective. New client acquisition is very expensive than maintaining the existing one.

17. One thing different that you do to keep your clients with u today

Clients hardly switch if you maintain their work in their required budget. There has to a flexibility in vendor to adjust your services or product as per client needs.

18. Any experience with a client that you want to share to empower others

There is one experience which I would like to highlight. Two years back we were flooded with multiple projects when one Russian client approached us for just consultancy work. Which we were going to refuse initially seeing the less value it would have added. However seeing the client immediate need we accepted the work which helped us to build a friendly relation with them later. This client recently has given us a pan India authority of his product based on our relation which started from merely Rs 10,000 project. This teaches never judge the client based on the quantity or level of work they are sharing with you.

19. How do you balance your work and life

It’s the most critical part for any entrepreneur. I skilled in it bit late, but now I have achieved it through arranging priorities. These priorities are mix of my work and family needs. Sometime family priorities may come first later it can be work.

20. Tell us about your hobbies

I am fan of learning. Anything that excites me I put my hand to learn it. Second id spending time with loved ones over dinner, movie or vacation.

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