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Mohnish Sharma | Serial Entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder/CEO of Harabaag.

About The Event

Mohnish Sharma, a Serial Entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder/CEO of Harabaag. Before to Harabaag, Mohnish was CEO of an agri-tech company (DestaGlobal) and a financial journalism company (Simplus).

He brings more than 23 years of experience over various domains: Technology (Senior Manager at a Fortune 500 Software organization, Java Architect), Finance – (MBA (Investments), Passed CFA Levels I, II and III), and Marketing (20+ computerized advertising ventures throughout the most recent 7 years)

Harabaag is building across the country business network of participants (farmers, graders/packers, middlemen, processors, logistics/cold-chain, warehouses, and institutional buyers) in the post-harvest supply chain.

Members will have the capacity to use the item to

Track create as it makes across the supply chain

Find extra business partners

As for the conventional system, Harabaag offers…

more straightforwardness on items, costs, quality, timing

find quick alternate vendors

easy and best foolproof system of record

system-wide visibility in the supply-chain

As a major aspect of operationalizing this, Harabaag is setting up four particular Blockchains.

Identity – Farmer/participant Identity

Pre-harvest – how the crop was grown, products used, etc.

Post-harvest – value-added and chain of custody

Transactions – who sold what (and when) to whom for how much

Moreover, Harabaag has tied up with an accelerator (Startereum) to examination chances to tokenize as well as complete an ICO.

Through the event, we will get the opportunity to learn

– Understanding Blockchain

– Opportunities and plans of action around BlockChain

– Opportunities in Agriculture supply chain

– Tokenization and ICOs


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