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Major Industry Analyst Firms Cite Io-Tahoe as a Leader in Smart Data Discovery

Enterprise Management Associates recognizes Io-Tahoe raises the bar for machine learning-driven discovery of PII and other sensitive data in motion

NEW YORK, May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Io-Tahoe, a pioneer in Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog products, in its efforts to continue to transform the data discovery market, has been named by a major industry analyst firm as a leader and innovator in the discovery of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data in motion.

Two research reports from, Enterprise Management Associates and 451 Research, come following Io-Tahoe’s introduction of Smart Streaming Discovery, an industry-first capability enabling companies to perform real-time data discovery on a wide range of streaming data. The capability allows Io-Tahoe’s customers to discover PII and other sensitive data “in motion,” enabling continuous automated data governance and regulatory compliance.

“The volume of sensitive data in motion at any given time continues to be a risk to organizations that depend on privacy for brand, regulatory, and compliance issues,” said John Santaferraro, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates. “EMA considers Io-Tahoe to be a leader in the use of AI and automation for data governance and data cataloguing, especially for streaming data. The automated discovery of PII and other sensitive data in motion can significantly reduce risk and improve the brand of companies who implement this new technology.”

“As privacy and data protection regulations develop, there is an implied mandate to control all sensitive data within the enterprise, regardless of whether it is in motion or at rest1,” wrote Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “Io-Tahoe is addressing this gap in functionality by providing tools to identify sensitive data before it ‘lands’ in repositories, kick-starting the enterprise’s ability to defensibly manage data while still reaping the rewards of streaming capabilities,” she added.

Io-Tahoe noted that the need for discovery of PII, regardless of its status within an organization, is greater than ever, given the rise of global compliance regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s forthcoming Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). “Knowing where the data about your customers resides is no longer a luxury,” said Oksana Sokolovsky, Io-Tahoe’s Chief Executive Officer, “it is increasingly a mandatory requirement. Companies that cannot achieve this goal face civil penalties; even more importantly, they could face irrevocable reputational damage.” Rohit Mahajan, Io-Tahoe’s Chief Technology and Product Officer added, “By contrast, those companies that are able to monitor PII at every stage as part of a trustworthy relationship with their customers are more likely to build a long-lasting relationship with them.”

The latest version of Io-Tahoe’s Smart Data Discovery platform with its new Smart Streaming Discovery and automated governance feature is available now. For more information, visit:

Access the ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) impact brief, “Io-Tahoe Leads the Way to Continuous Automated Governance,” by Research Director, John Santaferraro.

Access the 451 Research report,“Io-Tahoe identifies data in motion with Smart Streaming Discovery,” by Senior Analyst, Paige Bartley.

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About Io-Tahoe
Io-Tahoe ( is a pioneer in Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog products. In its efforts to continue to transform the data discovery market, the platform enables organizations to discover and search data across a wide range of heterogeneous technology platforms from traditional databases, data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud and other modern repositories, helping enterprises trace data elements across their systems in spite of outdated metadata definitions. Io-Tahoe utilizes machine learning algorithms to dramatically increase the accuracy, intelligence and speed of learning of complex data elements and data relationships throughout the entire business environment. Our platform has the capability to process 30 billion customer records, 1.7 million columns and saves time by processing many data sources in weeks, instead of manual discovery and cataloging for months.

Our product has been custom-built by a team with a deep understanding of data challenges, giving us first-hand insight and appreciation into our customers’ diverse and complex data needs. Io-Tahoe is particularly valuable to businesses with large numbers of customers and diverse data sets, such as those in the financial services, utilities, retail, transportation, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

1 “Io-Tahoe identifies sensitive data in motion with Smart Streaming Discovery,” published April 9, 2019

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