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Lockdown boredom rescue for kids, an initiative by Cognibricks

COGNIBRICKS (erstwhile Mighty Minds) was started by two mothers in 2014 with an urge to keep children engaged in a productive manner through their fun filled and engrossing programs.

COGNIBRICKS provides post school activity classes for children in the age group of 3 to 7 years. These modules are developed in houseby our competent team keeping in mind the developmental age of children. We run two programs namely Math-A-Logic (an activity based Mathematics program) and a Phonetics Program with a total strength of 200 plus students spread across 3 locations in Pune.

Worksheets Fun is an initiative taken by COGNIBRICKS in the quarantine period where life has come to a standstill. Children were getting bored and could not meet their friends. As mothers, we wanted them to be occupied and busy and as mentors we wanted the children to do something more fruitful and creative. To put this combination together we started our free initiative of providing worksheets online. The whole idea was to create excitement with variety…..something that the children would eagerly wait for. The worksheets focus upon various concepts like Patterns, Shadow Geometry, Sudoku, Mathematical concepts, Logical concepts, word formations, etc. to bring out the cognitive skills in the children.

We were missing our classroom session and our students were missing us too, hence we decided to come up with this Worksheet Fun Activity.

We did not restrict it only to our students but was kept open for all mothers who would be interested to keep her 3 to 7 year old child engaged and productive. The idea was to let maximum children benefit from this, as children at large are getting bored sitting at home.

We did face challenges like, not all mothers had an access to printers but some mothers very happily recreated our worksheets on paper and made it available for their children. By God’s grace the program is much appreciated by parents at large and we received a positive response from approximately 600 plus parents. Our team is very happy to be able to contribute in some way to the society in this lock down phase.


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