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Innovative Bulk SMS Messaging Gateway solution

Mumbai 13, 2017: India is currently the world’s second largest telecommunication market. The Indian mobile economy is growing rapidly and contributing majorly to India’s GDP. Indian Telecom sector is also generating millions of direct and indirect jobs. These employment opportunities are expected to be created due to a rapid increase in the smartphones sales and rising internet usage.

Similarly, Teleossco Software Pvt. Ltd. has presented a unique innovation “TeleOSS SMS Gateway” at the Aegis Graham Bell Award Jury Round under the “Innovative Telecom Product/Solution” category. TeleOSS SMS Gateway is an Operational Support System & Service Delivery Platform for Message Termination & SMS Aggregation and works like an SMS Aggregator Software and an SMS Server. TeleOSS SMS Software is an enterprise-grade platform providing fast, secure and reliable SMS delivery for A2P SMS traffic and a cost-effective solution, with exhaustive features to enable operations and scale business.

“Well, we are nominated for our TeleOSS-SMS Gateway Solution; we think that if we get the award it will be of high value to us to show our technical skill to the Telecom industries. We would like to thank all of the Aegis team for arranging this” – Mr. Mukesh Patel, CSO, Teleossco Software Pvt. Ltd.

About Teleossco Software:

TeleOSS Messaging suite platform includes SMS Gateway software solution, SMS router software, SMS controller software, SMS Hub platform, OTT messaging gateway, Smart City SMS Solution and Business Solutions. The solution has been designed and developed with open architecture by which customers can customize the solution as per their requirements. TeleOSS Messaging Suite is a converged delivery platform for all messaging channels viz. SMS, USSD, MMS, IVR, email, eFax. It is a ready to integrate the platform with SMPP, SS7, SIGTRAN, SDP, HTTP protocols and a central control management interface for all business & technology needs and Offering Messaging Solutions for Gateway, Router, Hub, Trivia, M2M, M-commerce & Business solution platform.

TeleOSS offers customizable business features to support customer requirements and enable customers to gain an edge over the competition. TeleOSS has been trusted by more than 50 clients across the globe for large-scale SMS volume business. Every day millions of SMS are sent via TeleOSS SMS Gateway software platforms. We also have long-standing channel resellers in various countries and provide support to our partners.


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