Hiranandani Opens its Door to the Middle East With Bayroute's Latest Outlet

MUMBAI, January 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

The new fine-dining establishment is larger than the first edition  

After winning the hearts and minds of many a patron, Bayroute, the city’s most celebrated fine-dining restaurant, best known for its uncompromising take on the ancient yet delectable cuisine of the Middle East, has now launched its latest and grandest outlet to date. This new jewel in the establishment’s crown is located in the plush suburb of Hiranandani, Powai and is a scaled up version of its celebrated predecessor, capable of catering to an excess of 120 people. It imbibes much of the first outlet’s beloved ambience and features a subtle mix of classical Middle Eastern décor, tastefully infused with modern, minimalistic themes.

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Ever since its inception, Bayroute’s authentic and painstakingly sourced take on the ancient delectable cuisines from the Middle East has been well received. Some of the most celebrated dishes include mouth-watering appetisers like Quinoa Tabbouleh and Shorbets such as Lebanon Lentil and Shorba Manti. The restaurant’s famed Manakeesh, like Zaatar, Moroccan Dijaj and main course specialities, namely Fatteh, Koshari, and Rotisserie Chicken, has received much acclaim for their locally sourced ingredients and distinctive flavours. The new restaurant also boasts an impressive collection of fine wines, as well as its own unique set of cocktails like Dessert Storm, Drink like an Egyptian, inspired by the grandeur and magnificence of the Land of Pharaohs. This also includes the irresistible mixes of dessert like Jannat- E – Eadn which is Chef’s Special Treat, Hand Crafted Dessert Board with Melange of Fruits Orange Blossom Mousse, Vanilla Cake, Aired Apple Sponge, Cookie Crumble, Strawberry Compote, Orange Compote, Fresh Berries, Chocolate Sphere, Strawberry & Mango Chilli Sorbet, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Raspberry Jelly, Praline Crunch, Pepper Mango Dome, Arabic Pickled Lemon, and several other fan-favourites.

No introduction to Bayroute would be complete without a mention of perhaps its most popular offering – its desserts. This includes the beloved ‘Gold Souk’, which is the epitome of culinary brilliance, made from evaporated malai milk, rose vermicelli, pistachio kulfi, saffron pearls, ruby chocolate, lotus flowers plated with 24k edible gold, gold leaf, gala fruits, and nuts. Apart from Bayroute’s classic offerings, the new outlet’s menu, in celebration of its precious milestone, also features some new tantalising treats, including Berbere Roasted Chicken, Maqluba, Kebab Koobideh, Dawood Basha, Chelo Kebab, Salmon Chermoula, and Pastilla -which are sure to become instant favourites.

Upholding itself as a premier fine-dining establishment, Bayroute provides an eclectic environment for its patrons with its relaxing, soothing atmosphere and its melodious music. This, in addition to the charming décor, great food and amazing cocktails, makes for an experience that superbly encapsulates the richness of some of the world’s most inspired civilisations.

Celebrating the launch of the new outlet, Mr. Arjun Raj Kher, Brand Head, Bayroute said, “Following the incredible success of our first outlet, it gives me great joy to see our another outlet booming so well in Hiranandani, Powai. As always, we shall endeavour to uphold the uncompromising standards of culinary experience and gastronomical delights that we are known for, and hope to mesmerise the palates of our new patrons, just like we have before.”

So, come visit and experience like no other, where the forgotten flavours and exotic aromas of the Middle East are brought back to life, right here, in Hiranandani, Powai.

Media Contact:
Parmpreet Kaur
Communicate India

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