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Financial Advisory companies in India geared up to support CPA’s worldwide with outsourcing model.

As India is a country where outsourcing culture is existing for over 3 decades now, the lockdown and work from home was not very difficult for us to adapt. Many of us working in IT industry are use to remote managers, bosses and also know how to manage teams that can work from remote locations.

I remember my first time 20yrs back when I had to be on a global call, trust me! its very difficult to understand cross cultural accents over phones verses face to face. I had a tough time understanding what people were talking on the phone. Not to be left out I moved to watching a lot of hollywood movies so I could catch up on the speed and accent of the western countries. And here Im working across borders providing MarComm outsourcing to the world.

#WFH (work from home) today is very easy with cloud server and sophisticated technologies that have enables and made it very easy to login from anywhere. I remember we use to get physical keys to enter our server if we were working from home. Internet was also the dial-in net which would keep dropping on and off. We sailed through it and here we are in the most digital stage of life. Therefore this lockdown was not difficult for some segment of businesses in India especially the outsourcing.

Today in my Buzz Insight we will talk about one such outsourcing company that has been in the market for over 11 years and becoming stronger day by day. The management gives full credit to their global and local clients, partners, people for nurturing them to the path of growth.

Boston Financial Advisory Group offers technologically advanced solutions for Annual Audits. They have dedicated back-office for Tax return preparation & their services can be used from the most remote locations sitting at home.

In the light of COVID-19 pandemic that the world is dealing with, Sameer Paddalwar – the CEO, Boston Financial Advisory Group  said in a recent media interaction, “The aspect which makes us standout is our preparedness in handling situations like this. Implementing efficient technologies in our mainstream processes has allowed us to create an amalgamation of reliable staff and state-of-the-art technology. This amalgamation provides us with the resources, required for us to handle your routine financial activities in an effective manner with minimum human intervention which is all the more necessary in these times of social distancing.”

As per the AICPA Economic Outlook Survey, CPAs (Certified Public Accountant) in the US are concerned about an expected global fallout from the recent outbreak. Their outlook on the U.S. economy had risen in months prior to the pandemic. However, their responses in the final week of the survey, after a decline in the stock market due to the recent crisis were much more pessimistic. 21% of CPA business executives reported a slight impact. Those affected (collectively 28%) said they had seen some combination of supply chain interruptions, factory shutdowns in China or other affected regions, and decreased sales to China or other markets CPAs. (As per the media article)

Boston Financial Advisory Group is here to assist global CPA’s / Financial leads / CFO’s with technology-oriented solutions in unison with financial accounting, consulting and advisory services. Holding capabilities to take over their client’s financial processes and engineer them to ensure accuracy and minimum human intervention.

With constant 24×7 secure online access and 1000+ years of experience, BFAG has tools to easily ensure data updation, obtain real-time management information with minimal effort and manual intervention.

BFAG comprises of highly accomplished CAs, CPA’s, corporate counselors and legal professionals. These individuals are trained and accomplished to understand the needs and facilitate with grade-level accounting accompanied with financial advisory services.

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