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EdTech platform Classo gears up to provide education at home during time of crisis

With the Government announcing a nationwide 21-day shutdown on account of the coronavirus pandemic, schools, colleges, universities and coaching classes alike have been forced to shut down. Amidst this, a unique opportunity has cropped up for Edtech companies, to make the most of the situation by showcasing their e-learning offerings to millions of students confined to their homes.

Co-founded in 2019 by Nahush Gulawani, a Chartered Accountant and serial entrepreneur, with an ambition to bridge the gap between physical and digital learning in higher education and test prep segments, Classo is an Edtech aggregation platform aiming to provide students with access to up-to-date comprehensive information about reputed and trusted coaching classes. Not just that, Classo also enables students to book seats, purchase video lectures, books and other educational content of their favourite classes from the comfort of their home at the click of a button. To help students in the time of the coronavirus outbreak, Classo is dedicatedly working towards allowing reputed coaching classes to directly stream courses to their students through the Classo platform.

The idea of Classo was born when Nahush noticed that while there are several Edtech companies providing their own educational content, there is no platform to enable students to view educational content from established and reputed coaching classes in one place. “We want students to have the choice to learn from their favourite offline professors, without having to travel to classrooms, or having to sign up for different classes on different websites. The coronavirus outbreak has led to a difficult situation as students are forced to be at home and compromise on their valuable study time. Therefore, we are working hard to provide students with lectures from top professors, on Classo at a fraction of the cost.”

Nahush believes that while Edtech is certainly the future, especially with regard to higher education and preparation for competitive exams, he hopes that the coronavirus situation will accelerate the business for start-ups like Classo and provide the much-needed traction in an unprecedented time.

Nahush Gulawani 

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