Women Entrepreneurs

Dr. Vanishree S.V – SKINARINA

Women Entrepreneurs: Dr. Vanishree S.V Interview

1. Tell us about yourself and your venture.

A dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon by profession, I own a cosmetic skin clinic known by the name SKINARINA based in Pradhikaran (PCMC). The clinic is serving the clients dedicatedly since 2017 with expertise in Skin, Hair and laser treatments, Acne and acne scar removal, laser hair reduction, tattoo removal, hair growth treatments, hair transplant, anti-aging therapies vitiligo are few of the treatments available in our clinic.

2. What does it take to be a women entrepreneur?

It takes a lot of compromises and you need to be really cool-headed and still be able to manage home and work properly!  We need to be really patient, strong and hardworking!

3. What have been your accomplishments as an entrepreneur?

To run my own clinic and administrate it well is one of the biggest accomplishments for me, however, there is still a long way to go where I can reach out more mass with my skills and be a renowned dermatologist in this vast field!

4. What were the challenges when you set out to establish your entrepreneurial venture?

Money was the biggest challenge! Investment in lasers was expensive but with bank loans and my father’s help, I could do it. It did take a lot of guts to take big business loans from the bank and having the confidence that I could earn enough to repay it wasn’t easy to come around too!

5. Please throw light on the challenges that you faced in your journey

Just when the business was picking up…I got the good news that I was expecting and of course, being a family person I accepted it gracefully! 

So while I was on maternity leave of 2-3 months my absence at work resulted in a big downfall in the revenue and I had to face few hardships even mentally to get back to track.

6. Is there any hardships or challenges that you feel are more for women entrepreneurs than their counterparts?

Hardships are definitely there for women who own a family and have to balance their personal family life too and it is also equally difficult for a man. There is a break for women when they go for their maternity leave and then it gets very again tough mentally to get back again! Men definitely don’t face such challenges for obvious reasons!

7. Whom do you consider as your role model and why?

I don’t have just one role model; any person who is a hard worker and who is able to balance his/her work life and personal life is a role model for me! I feel being able to balance all your duties and still be able to enjoy life is an ART and someone who can manage to do it decently is the winner.

8.What opportunities does globalized world throw to women entrepreneurs? Are they making use of these opportunities?

I think there are many opportunities now for men as well as women. There are so many options to start a business and so many ideas and marketing strategies. The digital world is a big boon and I guess many women are making full use of it. Yes some of them still are not having the right resources to guide them so maybe that’s being an obstacle!

9. What according to you are the requisite qualifications to become women entrepreneurs?

 I think women are born entrepreneurs! They have many more capabilities than men to do it. It isn’t easy to balance home and work which women do so easily. Being able to multi-task is the basic requirement and that is there in every woman, especially Indian women. Thanks to our culture and traditions!

10. How do you strike a balance between home and career?

It just happens! Like I said; women are born multi-taskers! I work when I have to and take a break when I have to be there for the family! I prioritize according to the need of the hour.

11. What would you like to say to the budding women entrepreneurs or those who want to become entrepreneurs?

Just follow your heart and jump into your passion and you will start swimming! Don’t think too much. Aim high and follow your dreams but always keep yourself grounded and learn the art of balancing work and personal life. Don’t just think about money and forget to enjoy life because we work to have a life and not to destroy it! 

Website: http://skinarina.com/

Email: info@skinarina.com

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