Dr. Vanishree S.V

I am a Malayali born and brought up in Pune.My parents being settled here too. Father has his finance business running in Pune from 5 decades. So I liked to be called as a Puneite.
Qualification: MBBS, DDV 
Family:  A husband who is an IT engg is into Aquaponic farming. Also have a son who is in Standard 1.

1. What motivated you to start this initiative: 
I always wanted to be a doctor since childhood. My goal was to be a surgeon, but due to time and family limitations, I finally chose to be a dermatologist. But today I feel that I made the right decision to be one since the field of dermatology has evolved to be one of the most beautiful and demanding branches in the field of medicine. It also has a mixture of medications and minor surgeries (I love surgery). I was also a person who always has an inclination towards the glamorous world. So a job that gives me the opportunity to make people beautiful and, of course, to treat, creates a perfect balance between my two areas of passion  (doctor and beauty).

2. How well have you grown in this business ever since you started (Here you can talk about one or two of the largest orders, any corporates to be mentioned, etc. 
Still growing, Started the second clinic at waked this February 2019.

3. What are the typical business challenges that you face in your initiative 
Patients with high expectations regarding aesthetic procedures. Like some patients who have a lot of acne scars, expect them to have perfectly flawless skin, which is not practical. Also some treatments recommend a minimum of 5-6 sessions, but at the end of the treatment, the patient can only take 6 sessions and forget the minimum word that we mentioned. So it’s hard to handle them. Sometimes the patient asks for a guarantee … now this is a medical field. Each person is different and reacts differently to the same treatments. Some may require only 3 sessions, while others may require 6 of the same treatment.

4. What is your biggest goal that you would like to achieve for your initiative in 2019. 
Two successful clinics with all laser configurations in Nigdi and Wakad. The configuration in Wakad is just an opd clinic from now on, so I would like to develop it in an esthetic clinic and full-blown laser like Nigdi’s. It will also be the only aesthetic clinic that offers quality and all advanced laser treatments under one roof at affordable prices.

What sets us Apart?
Our approach to skin and body health is based on the belief that everyone wants to look and feel good, regardless of age or gender. You feel good from within and your skin and body look good with good skin and body care. We are committed to providing qualitative and individual care by offering therapies and treatments that respond to YOUR concerns.
We practice a combination of treatments suited to your needs. We believe in a “little is more” approach and we understand that patients want to receive quick treatments that are less invasive, which meets their needs.
We love giving you education and knowledge about skin and body care that will help you make the best decision for yourself.

Our Team
We have the best laser platform approved by the US FDA. UU And our staff, including doctors, are well trained and have experience in this field for almost a decade.
Our team is very friendly but professional and we look forward to serving you with the best facilities in the world, all under the same roof, because we only practice what we preach:“Your Beauty is Our Passion”.

Scaling to more locations and going national, it is in your plan?
No. Because I it is difficult to deliver the same quality treatment under the same name everywhere. I believe in focusing on a few clinics and give the best I can therein.

How big is your team, and how big do you want it to be in a year?
TEAM of 10 – In a year I would like to double up the team as I plan to start one more clinic. But presently I have a very good team who is sincere and genuine in their work. So my aim is to collect a similar team for all my clinics rather than simply gathering people who just want to come to the workplace and pollute the entire staff. So preferably less staff but quality people and multifunctional is what I believe in.

What’s the biggest factor slowing the growth? 
Less awareness of cosmetic treatments available among common people. Many of the people are still not aware of treatments like permanent hair reduction and tattoo removal, scar reduction, mole removal, etc. that they exist and it is possible.

Who do you see as your biggest competitor?
For a genuine doctor, there is no such word as competition.

-In Summary –

Dr.Vanishree S.V (MBBS,DDV) , Consultant dermatologist and Aesthetician /Director of Skinarina clinic.
Work experience:
5 years before starting my own venture in 2017.
Our Mission :
To resurface the confidence of people by serving creative solutions, that will bring out the beauty within them and thereby make them happy and healthy.
As a company we want to accumulate the best of skills and creativity to deliver qualitative and affordable treatments to all our patients, thus effectively contribute to the health and wellness industry.
About Dr. Vanishree S.V:
Dr. Vanishree Vebin is a passionate dermatologist and aesthetician from Pune, been practicing in this field since 9 years. She specializes in Lasers for Skin, Hair, and Nails. She has graduated from the University of Mauritius followed by one year residency in Jehangir hospital, Pune.
2 years Senior Residency in Aesthetics, Lasers and Dermatosurgery from The College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai. Followed by the 1-year experience of Consultant Dermatologist at Skin City, India.
She is a Lifetime Member of IADVL ( Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists).
She uses a wide range of world-class lasers(US-FDA approved) and advanced aesthetic skills at her clinic because she believes in treating with the best.

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