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In-Conversation with Kavitha Krishnamurthy Singh of Head Over heels preschool and Daycare


  1. Tell us about yourself..
    1. I am Kavitha Krishnamurthy Singh. Mother of 2 beautiful kids and wife to an extremely supportive and encouraging husband. I have completed my Bachelors in Commerce, Diploma in Computer Management and Masters in Human Resource Management and Development from the Mumbai University. I also recently completed a private course in child psychology. I am the owner of Head Over heels preschool and Daycare and this institution has been successfully functioning since 2011. I am also the HR director at Honeycomb Engineering Pvt Ltd and this institution has been functioning successfully since 2013.
  2. Tell us about your venture, how did you come across the idea?
    1. Head Over Heels was started with a passion to bring about education and childcare in the way that children would like to learn and enjoy. I had approached a few franchisees however I was not convinced of their methods of teaching children as they were no different from the way I learned during my school times. I felt I wanted to make the learning experience enjoyable where the teacher and child make a bond and learn hand in hand. The syllabus of the school and the training for the staff was entirely crafted by me. I knew very well that I was the only non branded institution where we set up our school and was well aware of the challenges I would face however I knew this would work as it was entirely favoring the children. We took sincere efforts in making parents understand that kids should not be forced to write however when they learned o identify and correlate to letters and number then tend to read faster than write. Once parents experienced this enriching learning process they have always been happy to send their kids to our school and daycare.
  3. What inspired you to start the company?
    1. Same as above
  4. Describe your company in 2–5 words?
    1. Head Over Heels is an ideal environment for children to learn, create and express in their own unique way. Our curriculum allows children to explore, research and learn by themselves under the guidance of child-friendly and warm teachers. We allow each child to learn from their surroundings that inspires not just the child but also the people around him/her.
  5. Why is now the time for your company to exist?
    1. Education will never cease to exist. Education is the one field that should be researched maximum as the evolution in education should reach widespread however that is not the case. Each educational institution can make their own effort to bring about improvement in the teaching methodologies. Educational institutions are here to stay.
  6. Tell us about your team. What do you love about your team?
    1. My team of teachers and caretakers have been with us since the time of inception. I am sure that itself speaks volumes about our bonding and interest in work. We are a team who is self-motivated and always ready to explore with the children we have around. We are always open to feedback from each other, our children or the parents and are always willing to make the required improvements that will better each child’s learning experience.
  7. If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?
    1. I come from a quality improvement background so constantly working towards improvement of any process is in me. Whether I am in a start up or in an existing organisation, the one thing that motivates me the most is process improvement. As long as I have my motivation with me I would be happy anywhere.
  8. At the moment, how do you measure success?
    1. I measure my success on the basis of my happiness and satisfaction with my work. I measure my institution’s success on the basis of happy and satisfied clients.
  9. What does your venture offer and to whom?
    1. Head Over Heels is in the field of education and childcare. We cater to children in the age group of 5 months to 12 years.
  10. What’s most exciting about your venture to date?
    1. The most exciting part of Head Over Heels is happy and expressive children.
  11. Where do you think your growth will be next year?
    1. We are planning to expand into elementary schooling.
  12. What’s your biggest threat?
    1. As of now I do not have any threats.
  13. What is your vision for the venture?
    1. The goal of every parent is to make their child the best. My vision is to help parents understand that children will do well if we give them sufficient freedom to express their thoughts and us as parents respect and channelise their thoughts. For this, it will be necessary for me to educate parents first that academics and knowledge are 2 different things and we need make our children knowledgeable first. Once kids are taught the way they like to learn and they can express themselves freely, they will automatically become sensible and responsible individuals.


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