Content development process is as critical as a marketing strategy

Just as your business is not static, your content is not static; your communication is also not static.Business evolves continuously, but the core remains the same. The value is the same; only the experiences are different. Well documented vision, expertly articulated mission, clearly documented products and services, excellently communicated business processes are all part of a much-needed content strategy.

But managing the full life cycle of content creation, content updates, distribution needs super conscious effort. Content creation presents a huge challenge. Managing the content evolution is the next tough process. Content distribution is even more challenging considering the dynamic need to be present at multiple locations at the same time and communicating a consistent experience to your customers.

Content is distilled from various sources such as: vision, mission, value proposition, quality consciousness, customer service orientation, delivery excellence etc. These bits of finely graded content elements are tied together to deliver superior content experiences and brand evangelization. Who you are, what you stand for, why you are doing what you are doing, etc. are some of the strong messages that come across through your products and services.

To get your content strategy right, it is necessary to maintain and manage the content components and their orchestration through multiple communication channels. There are tools to create content, technologies to maintain content components, and media to manage deliveries, but the most important piece of all is the talent and marketing experience that provides oversight to the process of content creation, curation and delivery.

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