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Company profile of Ease India Travel (Pune)

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People travel together, but journeys are personal. Which is why at Ease India Travel, we make sure your holiday gets a personal touch. Ease India Travel is a very young company on our way to becoming the leading tour planner for Indians headed to Bhutan. We have also added a fleet of Royal Enfields in Bhutan to enable bikers to experience motor biking inside this beautiful nation without the hassle of riding all the way from India.

From carefully curated packages to Bhutan and locations in India that are off the beaten track, to customising trips based on your every wish and whim, we promise you an ExperienceTravel™ a holiday that will re-energise both your body and mind.

Who We Are
Ease India Travel is a very young company on our way to becoming the leading tour planner for Indians headed to Bhutan. We offer paragliding trips in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra valley, Birding and Hiking trips in Coorg in Karnataka, and ‘temple tours’ across Kerala’s nine most famous religious landmarks. What set our packages apart are the personal touches and the offbeat experiences. For instance, we offer a ‘forest bathing’ holiday in Wayanad, Kerala, where in addition to spending time inside a forest just soaking the sights, sounds and smells of the forest, visitors can also partake of a complete tribal experience from visits to a soothsayer to a jungle safari and consultation with a tribal medicine man.

We have also added a fleet of Royal Enfields in Bhutan to enable bikers to experience motor biking inside this beautiful nation without the hassle of riding all the way from India. Biking enthusiasts can now get a brand new 500 cc vehicle waiting to rev up and take them across the “world’s happiest nation”.

Our Founder
The tours we organise are quirky, unusual, exciting and fun. That’s because they are the results of the personal explorations of Ease India Travel’s founder Ritu Goyal Harish – a confirmed travel junkie, trekker, adventure-seeker, investigative journalist, lecturer in Pune’s Symbiosis University, and mother of two teenagers!

What We Do
So if you are fellow TraveLusts, you can go camping in the mountains – pitching a tent, lighting up a barbeque, changing under the moonlight, shivering in your socks, rationing water, eating out of tins, loading up your pony, setting up your own shack for the night, curling up in a sleeping bag, peeing behind a boulder – till you shed all your urban mental baggage and return home refreshed.

Or you can opt for a more relaxed, laid-back experience, wandering about in the wilderness, where leaves rustle in the wind, where you can walk under a canopy of trees to the accompanying music of the birds. It is in such a surrounding that you can gain absolute freedom.

Don’t expect the usual route or routine! We are lovers of exploration by foot, of scaling peaks with the vigor that the mighty mountains demand, of discovering a monastery or temple hidden behind a range, of paragliding thousands of feet up in the sky, or soaking up the mysteries of the valleys and the healing touch of the mountain winds.

Our USP is our ‘surprise value’ – so you may just get an unexpected picnic lunch, a karaoke dinner, a visit to a tribal soothsayer, or a night of clubbing! Or, if you prefer, a personal moment by yourself to chill a bottle of wine in a river and sip it afterward as you read a book, or stare at the blue sky from a place where you can rest your spirit.

We don’t cut corners to make a profit. We give you the best in the allocated budget and our guests will vouch for it. We are happy making your travel experience unique and memorable – whether it’s a particular type of sleeping arrangement you’re looking for, a genre of music for your journey, or even a food item that you can’t do without on your trip.

What Makes Us Different
Ease India Travel works with a guest at a human level – where the interaction is so personal that it is like chatting with a friend about your travel plans, where the expert who’s listening to you understands your holiday needs so intimately that they can throw you a surprise when you least expect it and where they treat you like a ‘guest’, not just a client or customer.

As time goes by, there is a growing sense of disillusionment amongst travellers due to the lack of personal involvement from the organiser of trips they buy online; especially when you travel to a new country and there is a problem (could be your hotel, your air tickets, the food you’re being served etc.) Toll-free numbers of the bigger travel operators are handled by those who have answers to questions but no solutions to immediate concerns/problems and one can never speak to someone ‘in charge’. It leaves the guest high and dry, and disgruntled but most of all, it spoils the holiday they’ve spent months planning and dreaming.

Ease India Travel offers a patient ear and an expert on the other side answering queries, resolving issues, and ensuring that the precious trip remains the source of happy memories. Our founder believes that it is time to make travel planning as intense as the joy of traveling.
Our guest is a busy professional who takes just one or two good holidays in a year but hasn’t the time to arrange it himself. He wants the goods – the experience and the comfort, minus a headache – and he doesn’t mind paying a small premium for it.

Women and men who seek to rejuvenate themselves, to grow, and to go beyond their comfort zones; some want to sit back and enjoy the ride; others want to be active participants in the process – whatever be the style of travel, we have a holiday we can offer.

While we don’t consider this to be the main feature of our offerings, we feel strongly about conducting holidays that are environment-friendly – we request our guests to limit their use of plastic on trips, and encourage healthy disposal as well. On hikes and trails, we often bring back our garbage so as not to harm the pristine environment that we visit. We also encourage our guests to eat local, buy local etc. to help the local economy.

Rumi said, “Travel brings power and loves back to your life.” Get in touch with nature, fall in love with yourself, and let Ease India Travel take care of the details.



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