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Cloud Computing is the greatest innovation in the last 10 years

Mumbai 16, 2017: Cloud computing in the last 10 years have witnessed a lot of activities so much so that entrepreneurs have been constantly attracting investments from angel investors and venture capitalists by coming up with different ideas in cloud computing.

CtrlS Datacenters has presented a unique innovation “India’s first ERP community cloud” at the Aegis Graham Bell Award Jury Round under the “Innovation in Cloud” category. CtrlS ERP Community Cloud addresses the mission-critical needs of businesses using enterprise resource planning software. It is an innovative service offering built on a robust architecture comprising of all necessary computing infrastructure (virtual machines), applications (example: SAP HANA), storage, security, network etc.

“Aegis Graham Bell Award is bringing the technology together” – Mr. Ravi Visvanathan, Sr. VP, CtrlS.

About CtrlS Datacenters:

CtrlS (Asia’s Largest Tier 4 DC) has data centers in Hyderabad and Mumbai with an upcoming facility in Delhi. The company has developed the capabilities to provide platform-level services which include data center infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware, OS layers, network and security layers. It offers a host of outsourced business solutions and services such as Disaster Recovery on demand, Managed services, Private cloud-on-demand to enable clients to make the paradigm shift from the captive data center model to the outsourced one.


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