Clinically Bharat: A medical amalgamation for all your needs

Clinically Bharat: A medical amalgamation for all your needs

Fitness is becoming a new tradition in our lives as human beings. Health preservation and nutrition is being taken into account since we have understood the need of achieving a healthy lifestyle to flourish and blossom. Several medical seminars and awareness camps are being organized to educate people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Clinically Bharat is such an initiative by Creative Bharat but with some different perks.
Creative Bharat is a non-profit organization established to support and motivate novel startups and enthusiastic ideas about business innovation. Led by empowered businesswoman Manjula Nair, Creative Bharat is organizing medical awareness doctors’ meet titled as Clinically Bharat which will set a breakthrough as surprisingly, medical faculties of all the specializations will attend this amalgamation.

Major Attractions of Clinically Bharat:

  • Clinically Bharat is a once-in-while medical set up as it will operate as a clinical forum which will bring all the leading medical professionals such as dentists, pathologists, surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists and just to count a few under one roof to discuss most recent medical advancements like Hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery, gene therapy for retinal disease, Latest vaccine platforms and advanced cancer treatments.
  • The Doctors will also guide and navigate medical students for upcoming best medical practices which will boost their experience as medical practitioners.
  • Principal reasons to attend this celebrated event is the best-in-town physicians shall discuss how you can avoid breaking into bad health and still manage a hectic schedule. Dealing with health issues without swallowing capsules is inevitably a piece of good advice to go with.

Interested Personnel in this event are:

  • IT professionals and BPO Staff. IT professionals and technicians deal with computer screens for most of their time in the day. Instant remedies for prevention from harmful light rays are their interest in this summit. Moreover, BPO staff who work in night shift are prone to insomnia and related health issues. Thus, this doctors’ fair will help these professionals deal with their occupational hazards.
  • People with health issues. If you are suffering from a disease, consulting a clinic and looking for the second opinion; then this is the place for you as here you will get the exact idea about some of the best go-to places for your concerns. Also, it might be possible that you don’t have to consult any hospital after visiting here!
  • Working women and parents of children. Women are born multi-tasking. But, the amount of labor they go through and the sum of time they devote to balance their work-life equation cost their health. At Clinically Bharat, working women would gather the vital information about how they can work efficiently and maintain themselves healthy as well. Also, new parents shall be informed how to keep the babies healthy and nourished as newborn babies are inclined to influence by the hazardous climate changes. Mothers of newborn babies will also be guided how they can maintain their well-being and diet.

Topics covered under Clinically Bharat:
Clinically Bharat will be a full-day event and is destined to cover the below-mentioned topics:

General health:
The Proper way to eat your food, essential things to be consumed in the season, prevention from frequent illness, Bad sleeping habits are some few aspects you will be entertained in this arena.

Lifestyle decrease like obesity, diabetes, stress etc.:
Are you oppressed by your weight issues and following strict diet but fail to see the results? Are you suffering from diabetes and precautions taken by you are in vain? Do you feel low every single time returning form work? Then you must visit this forum as all these questions are answered here with great pleasure.

Children health and stress management:
If your child is complaining of disability to feel happiness or excitement in doing anything or if you are feeling stressed out and agitated over very tolerable things; then you need a proper consultation which will be at your service only at Clinically Bharat.

Fitness/ Nutrition:
For those who are sweating it out in the gym and confused whether their so-called advisors are true or not should definitely have a stroll here as they will dispense fitness and nutrition tips essentially required to be partnered with work out.

Women health:
Feel free to ask your doubts and dilemmas about female problems and health issues as here you’ll get the expert recommendation regarding your health and sanitation practices.

If you are determined enough to keep yourself happy and healthy, then Clinically Bharat welcomes you with great rapture. It is a full day event commencing from 9 AM to 4 PM.

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