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Know more about Simplicity Creations Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Simplicity Creations Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a software product development company with a proven track record in creating highly innovative software solutions for almost half a decade now. Since the commencement of business in 2012, we have been instrumental in delivering high-quality projects across the globe in a spectrum of verticals. 
At Simplicity Creations, our mission is to provide innovative, robust and Simplified solutions and our vision is to become recognized Product Development Company which makes future simple with revolutionary work. Based out of Pune, Simplicity Creations delivers software to companies globally. They have customers in the US, Europe (the UK and South Africa), middle east and India. They are working with reputed big brands in India to help those brands in creating innovative solutions to boost their digital footprint and overall business. 
Our projects range from single-purpose tasks for small businesses to highly complex, multi-platform systems for large corporate clients.To our credit, we have added a wide range of software products to our portfolio developed on various technology platforms. 
We are a 40 people team today. A mix of Graphics designers, Business Analysts, Software Developers and Testers. 
Rushikesh Kulkarni – Founder & CEO  (Ex Infosys) 
Ritesh Kapadia — CoFounder & CTO (Ex Atos Origin)
Sarang Kawale — Delivery Head (Ex Infosys)

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