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A career molded by dominating challenges and shaped by fascinating opportunities

My journeys and experiences into the dynamic making and unmaking of businesses and technologies

I studied Pharmacy in college, but my interest in marketing and desire for business management shaped my career decisions and life destinations. From working part-time on a Hollywood movie project as production manager to following my passion for music and joining DNA networks, I was lucky to work on projects like concerts with Brian Adams, Michael Learns to Rock, and Richard Clayderman. The advertising world beckoned me with roles that were a combination of Marketing (Sales Enablement) and Corporate Communication, and honing skills of rare combinations. A stint in large IT companies gave me opportunities to anchor large industry events and host close to 150 CIOs from organizations worldwide, including the unforgettable and dynamic Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and the second self-funded space tourist and the first-ever South African in space. A management position at Sapient Corporation got me working with global teams, international clients, and experience a likable open door culture, where the CEO is accessible to anyone who wishes to reach out.

A notable turning point happened when I was at Satyam and part of the team handling the crisis the company was going through -a shock that nearly knocked the company off its feet. Our efforts at maintaining brand relevance and a business value were instrumental in preventing the company from dying an untimely death and to get back on its feet. Our campaigns to keep the employees motivated and media engaged worked out successfully. This challenging experience tested our vision and confidence and increased our outreach to the media and overall business community.

The heavy learnings from the past was a pointer for a newer future and it came in the form of Amdocs. I was hired to set up the regional corporate communication function and to drive their branding initiatives.Key responsibilities included nurturing the brand through the company’s baby steps into India to their firm footing in quick successive years. An eventful span of activities throughout APAC, engaging through customer workshops and industry forums, established the brand as a thought leader in its areas of business -an endeavor that won me awards and accolades and even a fascinating experience of flying in a private jet.

How I like to add value to startups and growing companies

The elements of business success are dynamic, but very visible in the set of values, visions, and tools, everyone can aspire to imbibe. I am glad to nurture small and medium companies and to get them started and thrive in international business environments. Whether it is corporate governance, HR policies, market strategy, sales enablement, intellectual property rights, engaging the venture capital community, anything that starts from an idea to becoming a corporation, I hope to be a support in their journeys to success.


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