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Women Entrepreneurs: Anindita Garg Interview​

1. Tell us about yourself and your venture.

Anindita Garg

Renowned Coach

Inspired over 50,000+ Lives!
21+ Years of Overall Professional Experience, 

11+ Years of Transformational Coaching
It gives me a great pleasure to introduce Mrs. Anindita Garg, Renowned Transformation Coach.

Among Recent Achievements a leading Business Magazine – “The Empowered

Times” has featured Anindita as ‘Wonder Woman’

Learned Multiple Intelligence directly from Dr Howard Gardner –Head Psychology Department, Harvard University

Executive MBA from Indian School of Business ISB-Hyderabad and MBA – Pune University.

Choreographed grand spectacular dance show performed by 8 Hearing impaired, 10 Blinds & 2 Paraplegic.

She is an Expert in Teen/Kids & Parenting Coaching.

Anindita & Shyam started ‘Mindware in year 2009’ with a mission to empower teenage kids to be extraordinary.

Till date Mindware has made a difference to lives of more than 50,000+ people by counselling, coaching, training & workshops.

Few among our esteemed clients are Mayo College – Ajmer, Capgemini, Piaggio, Bharat Forge, Bajaj Auto, Tech Mahindra, PMC, Max Life, Hutching, Army Public School & many top Schools/organizations. Trained in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Nashik, Kolkata and many more cities.

Mindware offers Special Training Programs for Company Employee’s Productivity, Schools, Teens, Kids, Parents Transformation & Digital Age Effectiveness Programs.

She is mother of two lovely kids:

Krishna (Son) 16years & Jiya (daughter) is 14years old.

Her key to success is “Refusing to Give up is Equal to Victory!


Inspired over 50,000+ lives!
Mindware’s professional team’s passion is transforming people’s lives.
Leader in Corporate, School and Personal Transformational Training, Coaching & Multiple Intelligence based Counselling.
Our Programs are proven real value proposition and preferred for its long-lasting effect on participants.


Mindware is an organisation focused on human competency development, life coaching, parenting and relationships. We firmly believe in

Authenticity and Integrity

Breakthrough Creative Thinking

Profound Partnerships with our clients

Exceptional Outcomes Led by highly accomplished Life Coach, Mrs. Anindita Garg, Mindware is operational for more than a decade in transformational training. Anindita has inspired over 50,000+ lives.


To empower and enable people by helping them know their Power Zones, Passion and Ability to act towards achieving



Peace of Mind

In the meantime, sharing links to video glimpse of Few Mindware Program through quick visuals!

Areas of Work:
A. Parent Child & Teens centric training workshops and counselling.

2. What does it take to be a women entrepreneur?

I feel women have inborn capabilities to be an entrepreneur. They have been managing their home effortlessly with limited resources and handling family, relatives and support maids etc. But this generation of women in India in last 20 years is the first generation who stepped out to work, so it will take some time for society to accept and acknowledge women as leading entrepreneurs.

3. What have been your accomplishments as an entrepreneur?

Inspired over 50,000+ Lives!
21+ Years of Overall Professional Experience, 11+ Years of Transformational Coaching

Among Recent Achievements a leading Business Magazine – “The Empowered Times” has featured Anindita as ‘Wonder Woman’

Empowered few thousands of Teens/Kids to be extraordinary. 

Trained many CEO/CXOs, Mayor, City Engineer and many business leaders.

Few among our esteemed clients are Mayo College – Ajmer, Capgemini, Piaggio, Bharat Forge, Bajaj Auto, Tech Mahindra, PMC, Max Life, Hutching, Army Public School & many top Schools/organizations. Trained in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Nashik, Kolkata and many more cities.

4. What were the challenges when you set out to establish your entrepreneurial venture?

I was owning ‘Exotica’, a proprietary firm in corporate gifting from 2004-2010. Though it was a profitable business, I was not contended. I felt that my business should be beneficial and must contribute to transform human lives. So, along with my existing business, my husband (Shyam Garg) and I started Mindware in 2005 as Corporate and HR training organisation. After graduating from ISB Executive MBA, where I was coached by my mentors, realized that mere monetary benefits in a business does not bring mental satisfaction unless you contribute to the society at large. A sense of Giving, gives greater pleasure than receiving. 

I was deeply influenced by ISB coaching and fully dedicated myself to Mindware which grew up in a very purposeful and transformative organisation bringing soul satisfaction along with monetary benefits.

5. Please throw light on the challenges that you faced in your journey.

No journey can be entirely smooth. Particularly for a woman entrepreneur in India it is mostly a rough ride. She always faces the challenge to establish herself as a thorough committed professional. I too had to face failure several times right from clinching a deal, developing credibility and establishing a brand. Failure came in the form of fund crunch as we are a self-funded organisation. It was a vicious circle, to invest in manpower and advertisement first to get visibility and business in the market or first get good business (earning) and then invest. 

The best way not to face failure is not to try anything new. Anybody who is ambitious and wants to grow in life will surely encounter failure as it is an integral part of growth. Success gives you moments to celebrate but failure polishes you and sculpts you as a master in your field. Failure does not define you; it refines you as a human being and tells you what you didn’t know yet.

Whatever I am today, is majorly due to the failures, I encountered, which made me a committed professional in my field.

6. Is there any hardships or challenges that you feel is more for women entrepreneurs than their counterparts?

As young coach, the biggest challenge I faced was that at the beginning, I did not have enough testimonials and track records which would establish my credibility and expertise in my field. Coaching and counselling are jobs of high responsibility as people decide about their future based on my inputs, hence I can’t go wrong in my assessment.

Various challenges that women entrepreneur feels today are:

  1. Their family members believing in their abilities and supporting them in their venture.
  2. They are getting fair chance as their counterparts 
  3. Creating work-life balance
  4. The sense of lack of security in workplace.
  5. Getting skilled men work for her and accept her as Boss (obey her instructions).

7. Who do you consider as your role model and why?

My grandma has always been my role model. Though she could never attend formal schooling, as she was married off at a very young age of nine, she pursued studying from home and evolved as a strong personality amidst all adversity in pre-independence era. She had a modern thought process, never give-up attitude and yet a motherly figure who would always spread joy and love. She had seven kids and adopted three more. She was widowed at the age of 35. Still, she raised all her kids with dignity and made sure that all of them (boys or girls) get good education. She is an epitome of strength, courage and leadership to me. She inspired me to create my own individuality.

8. What opportunities does globalised world throw to women entrepreneurs? Are they making use of these opportunities?

In training profession there are many global opportunities, especially in Digital Age and Human Value programs for schools, Employee Productivity for companies and Kids/teens empowerment. We at Mindware surely expand our reach to few selected nations with structured plan and along with local partners.

9. What according to you is the requisite qualifications to become women entrepreneurs?

As per my understanding the most important qualification is the passion towards the kind of work one chooses is more important than educational qualifications. At the same time basic understanding of finance management is must for all entrepreneurs.

10. How do you strike a balance between home and career?

Every game of life has its own pros and cons. But I think a spinning top is the most stable one. Woman has a natural instinct of multitasking.

After venturing into professional life, I have become more alert about the quality of my personal life. I consciously spent quality time with my family- (husband and children). As a parenting coach, I must practice what I preach, hence parenting and giving time to my kids is the most important job to me. Life is… how it occurs to you. If you plan your day well, then everything may fall in place. When you choose your life as an entrepreneur, you need to embrace its shortcomings as well as games.

11. What would you like to say to the budding women entrepreneurs or those who want to become entrepreneurs?

Listening to more and more ‘No’s makes you unstoppable in life, provided you know how to listen to these ‘Nos’. When someone says ‘No’ he rejects your proposals, not you. You are not your proposal. You have an ability to create thousands of offers like this, hence go beyond your barriers, be unreasonable and always think from the domain of possibilities. Stop giving reasons of what’s not possible. Only thinking and dreaming big does not help. What actually helps is to take actions on your plans.

Email: aninditagarg@gmail.com

Website: https://mindwareindia.in/

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