A soul inspired doctor with a holistic view for illness

Not always the pills and medical treatments do good the way understanding the body from a holistic point view does. A treatment or healing isn’t just about the physical wellness it’s all about inner wellness and mind-body relationship. Preaching the same and empowering the holistic view in today’s world of advanced medical treatments Dr. Mitahli proves the point by defeating her illness mentally and physically practicing the holistic approach.

Insight into Dr. Mithali Upadhye’s life
Dr. Mithali Upadhye is currently a holistic health consultant and a homeopathic consultant also cancer survivor and winner. After healing herself and completely getting rid of the cancer she has been practicing holistic consultancy and helping people out with the understanding and elucidating the health problems from more of a holistic point of view.

Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer
Dr. Mithali was detected with ovarian cancer in 2013 in the month of July at the age of 40 years and this was the period she came up with the challenge to overcome the emotions of depression, fear and everything a cancer patient will probably face. She believes in the fact that not allowing your disease bogging you down and overcoming it with the acceptance of your body with the disease or issue is the first step to the healing of yourself from the issue and also improving your body-soul connection.

Later in the month of January 2014 a rough figure of six months she defeated cancer and was all clear from the disease. She followed a holistic approach o heal herself rather than the traditional medical approach. She included more of an inner peace and solace activities like meditation, and yoga in her routine of treatment to understand her inner body and what it needs.

She was able to overcome the cancer only because of her will that she will be able to do it and bridgeing more of a mind-body connection in this duration of six months she spent as a cancer patient. Her will had her win over the cancer and her victory over cancer led her choose the stream of holistic consultancy to help people out battling with their health issues.

The Mind-body Connection
Dr. Mithali believes that mind-body connection is the easier step to heal the inner body and not just the physical wounds. She sheds light on the fact that bodies do provide us the indications of the inner illness it’s just the mind that needs to connect and understand it.

We as a human do neglect the illness with temporary solutions, but our bodies need our support and realization of what they need and what benefits them for our betterment.

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