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A guide to managing stress among kids

It seems that kids today are born with stress. There is so much to cope up with. Peer pressure has almost become an everyday thing. The 21st century has brought in many changes which have benefitted human life more or less but as believed that every coin has two sides so does this era. It has also impacted our lives negatively. Grown-ups tend to handle stress better than kids. It is them who remain exposed to the ill-effects of technology and competition. It has become so crucial to help kids manage the stress that even schools and colleges have started indulging in training sessions that help kids understand and deal with stress better. Here are some stress-busting techniques for kids:

1. Avoid the use of technology:
To keep your child safe and secure, make sure he does not get deeply involved in technology. It is not an unknown fact that those kids that are active on social media platforms are at a greater risk of being exposed to peer pressure. One thing can lead to the other. For instance, a student may have scored well in the exam and shared the same on social media. This shall unintentionally put all the other students under pressure to share their achievements to get noticed. But what happens to those who are academically poor? One can only imagine.

2. Indulge in self-motivating activities:
Each child is gifted. Allow your child to make mistakes. Allow him the freedom to experiment and experience. It is only with experience that a child learns the art of self-motivation. Overall development of a child should be focused upon rather than just expecting him/her to excel in a field of parents’ choice.

3. Have an open atmosphere at home:
Treat your young one like an elder when he/she shares something with you. Pay attention to his behavioral pattern to know and identify any irregularities. Seek suggestions and opinions to make him/her feel welcomed and heard. This shall make your child feel safe and secure which in turn shall help him look up to you in case of any difficulty he/she may face.

4. Do not push to over-achieve:
to survive in the 21st century is immense but unnecessary for kids to undergo. Do not push your child to become master of all. Let him enjoy the life of innocence while he can. Teaching him to work hard is different from making him juggle between academics and various co-curricular activities. Don’t burden children with the dreams that you could not fulfill yourself. Remember that they are not you. Allow them their individuality.

5. Engage in physical activities:
Children tend to become frustrated due to varied reasons. What can be a better solution than letting them vent out their anger and frustration through a game of volleyball, football, basketball or even jogging maybe? Help your child understand that venting out frustration is necessary but channelizing it in the right manner is equally important. Help them remain rational and calm even when they come across unfavorable situations.

You can do a lot for managing stress among kids. All that they need is a shoulder to lean upon and someone to look up to. Be the right model for your kids!

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